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April 24, 2012 at 7:40am

MORNING SPEW: Eatonville's donut shop happy, trippy TV, FOX's worst shows ...



Sorry Eatonville Roughians: Your police force is still active. (News Tribune)

Tacoma Scores $7.2 million For Point Ruston: Gov. Chris Gregoire signed more than $1 billion in public works spending. (News Tribune)

Tacoma Drinks: More than 165 state liquor stores were auctioned off, with the highest single bid for a store on Tacoma's Pacific Avenue. (News Tribune)

Reality TV Taking Its Toll?: The number of immigrants coming from Mexico to the U.S. has steeply declined while the number of Mexicans leaving has increased sharply. (CNN)

Fashion Rules: 29 trends you need to try before you die. (Refinery 29)

Surprised There Wasn't More: FOX's 25 worst shows of the past 25 years. (Zap 2 It)

Ride The Snake: 5 memorable TV drug trips. (Hollywood Reporter)

April 20, 2012 at 7:35am

MORNING SPEW: Twilight Criterium vs. Downtown, booze bidders, DogTV ...

DOGTV: "The Odd Dog Couple" is certain to be a hit.


Downer Downtown: Organizer of Twilight Criterium moves Tacoma bike race to Proctor District because of streets and chilly business owners. (News Tribune)

Booze Bidders: The winning bidder or bidders of the online auction of state-run liquor stores will be announced Monday morning. (News Tribune)

Section 57 Of The British Terrorism Act In Action: Terrorism suspicions lead to three arrests at Heathrow. (The New York Times)

RIP: Levon Helm. (USA Today)

Martha Stewart: She has a new cooking show on PBS. (Grub Street)

DogTV: Man's best friend wants cable. (Time)

Fat In Foods: Seven eats with more fat than a stick of butter. (Huffington Post)

Must Watch: Golden Balls contestant wins with most ballsy move ever. (Gawker)

Squeeze This!: A cultural history of the accordion in America. (Pop Matters)

April 16, 2012 at 3:15pm

Hell yes we attend Columbia Bank commercial tapings

ON THE BLUE COUCH: An employee with NorthXNorthwest gives Lemay Car Museum COO Paul Miller and CEO David Madeira final instructions before the cameras roll. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson


Priceless cars and a simple but elegant LeMay America's Car Museum set the mood for one of Columbia Bank's Blue Couch tapings, in which real customers kick back on the bank's iconic blue couch as tell it how it is.

"It's unscripted," commented Stacia Allen, a spokeswoman for GreenRubino, the bank's advertising agency, during yesterday's taping at LeMay.

Columbia Bank senior vice president of marketing, David Devine nodded his head in agreement.

"Simple, beautiful, well-crafted," he added.

The focus of the Blue Couch taping was the museum's CEO David Madeira and COO Paul Miller. The Blue Couch campaign launches next month.

As employees for NorthXNorthwest set up lights, cameras and sound equipment for the commercial, the chemistry between the museum's leaders was clear and simple.

The taping went smoothly and crisply - both Madeira and Miller clearly had fun.

"This was great, just great," commented Devine.

LINK: More photos from the shoot

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April 1, 2012 at 2:01pm

Tacoma Cash Mob: It's attacking right now!

TACOMA CASH MOB: Reaching Toys and Books is under attack! Photo credit: Kate Swarner


Teaching Toys and Books is about to get getting mobbed.

The Tacoma Cash Mob announced on social media that it would gather at 2 p.m. today outside Mason Methodist Church on the corner of North 27th and Madison, then announced what store it would attack, en masse.

The mob chose Teaching Toys and Books in Tacoma's Proctor District.

Melissa Tennille, co-owner of the victimized store, couldn't be happier.

"I think that the social aspect of the fun camaraderie and sense of adventure will bring folks together way that transcends a regular shopping excursion at our store," says Tennille.

Since originating in Cleveland last November, cash mobs have popped up all over the place. More than 100 networks have been set up in U.S. cities - the Teaching Toys version will be Tacoma's first - and others have shown up in areas as far-flung as Scandinavia and South Korea.

The idea is simple enough - a twist on the concept of "flash mob" with one important distinction: This mob intention isn't disruption, destruction and leaving the participants soulless, clutching sad clown masks behind the rhododendron bush. Instead, organizers select a local, small business and urge people via Twitter or Facebook to spend $20 there at a certain time.  In the end, the community-conscious shopping generates more business for the local economy and in the case of Teaching Toys and Books, provides an opportunity to sell a bunch of Wheely Bugs.

Bart and Veronica made the first Tacoma Cash Mob purchase at Teaching Toys and Books, spending $65.54.

Tennille and crew were ready to reward their new social angels.       

"Over the last week, I have gone around to each business in the Proctor District and asked them to help us fill goodie bags for the cash mob participants.  Our store is giving a $10 gift certificate to anyone who spends $10 or more.  We have also put little toys in the bags.  Other merchants have filled the bags with coupons, gift certificates, key chains, cupcakes, jewelry, candy, free karate classes and more," she says.

Look what Christy Reedy scored!

King sweet pea!

Teaching Toys is also raffling off free math classes, dinner at neighboring La Fondita Mexican restaurant and a life-sized stuffed bear. 

Patricia Lecy-Davis and grandson, Skylar, joined the Tacoma Cash Mob.

"Hopefully the fun owl hats that we will pass out at the event that say, 'Look whooooo's great!' will be as big a hit as I imagine," she adds. 

There are no specific rules in founding a mob, Fleming points out. Though the national cashmobs.wordpress.com site offers suggested rules and advice, organizers don't go through any headquarters, or certifying organization. The process is almost as simple as the concept itself.

Teaching Toys and Books owners Melissa Tennille, left, and Valla Wagner.

LINK: Tacoma Cash Mob Facebook

LINK: Tacoma Cash Mob Twitter

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March 30, 2012 at 9:34am

MORNING SPEW: RIP Houston, Tacoma junk patrol, $540m lottery ...

Houston Wimberly III


R.I.P. Houston Wimberly III: Tacoma artist, musician, event producer and great friend  Houston Wimberly III lost his battle with cancer. We will miss you shining star.

Tacoma Vs. Your Ferguson TX TV On Your Lawn: The City is sending a dumpster your way. (News Tribune)

Trayvon Tragedy: The brother of the neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot an unarmed Florida teen says medical records will substantiate the killing was in self-defense. (CNN)

Health Care Case: Appeals to Justice's ideal of liberty. (The New York Times)

Best Buy: It's closing a bunch of stores. (Star Tribune)

Who Wants To be A Mega-Millionaire?: Lottery fever sweeps the US for a record-breaking $540m jackpot. (BBC)

Approaching Quickly: There will be a movie about The Flash. (MTV)

One For The Books: Seth Rogan is The Dude in Jason Reitman's Big Lebowski live read. (Slash Film)

Dude, You Only Think You're Happy: Survey says people aren't happy until age 33. (Time)

Best Song From The '60s?: Important people chime in. (NME)

May The Revolver Be With You: Or, more like on you. (80stees)


March 28, 2012 at 1:02pm

By the Numbers: LeMay - America's Car Museum

LEMAY - AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM: You could land a plane on its front patio. Photo credit: David Imanaka


Want to see how many cars one solid waste mogul collected? The new, spiffy LeMay - America's Car Museum will open its glass doors Saturday, June 2, although its chassis is being tested with an array of business meetings and conventions, weddings and, naturally, car club events.

The LeMay Marketing Department just sent us a list of facts about ACM's $60 million campus. Let's take a look:

35,000,000: Pounds of concrete used to make the building.

14,200: Total man hours to build ACM.

2,000,000: Approximate poundage of steel reinforcing used during construction.

150: Workers per-day (at peak) on the Museum construction site.

79,000: Total square footage of ACM's walls and roof.

2,980: Sheets of 1 1/8th-inch plywood used to build the roof.

1,923,406: Pounds of rebar utilized for the Museum.

24.4: Miles of steel studs used. (Laid end-to-end, they would almost stretch from Tacoma to Seattle.)

175: Average amount of vehicles that will be displayed each day at ACM.

300: Amount of cars that will fit on ACM's 3.5-acre grass show field.

391,590 sq-ft.(9 acres):  Dimensions of the entire ACM campus.

200: Volunteers required to support the new Museum's operations.

$50: Annual cost of ACM membership.

6-2-12: ACM Grand Opening.

Poke around yourself: www.lemaymuseum.org

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March 23, 2012 at 10:30am

Jooley Heaps and Jason McKibbin to open Poison Apple in Tacoma

JOOLEY HEAPS: She's focused on opening a new gift shop with Jason McKibbin. Photo credit: Pappi Swarner


Very soon, a change will be upon downtown Tacoma. Box Top Vintage, a store we all know and love, will transform into something new. Something strange, and yet welcomed.

"It's all true. The rumors you've heard are true," says Jooley Heaps, owner of Box Top Vintage.

It will become a new store called Poison Apple, headed up by Heaps and Jason McKibbin, lead singer of I Defy and all around comic book guru. This dynamic duo is shaking up Tacoma's gift shop scene with Heaps's sense of novelty and McKibbin's knack for nerdiness.

"Poison Apple will be Tacoma's newest pop culture hotspot," says McKibbin.

The change will bring even more novelty retail, expanding Box Top's selection and augmenting it with vintage comics, toys, vinyl records, movie posters, out-of-print horror VHS, local music CDs, DVDs, and also gaming supplies.

"I will be bringing a whole new dimension in nerdom to the City of Destiny," says McKibbin.

But why change, faithful fans of Box Top may ask.

"I've sold vintage for about 17 years. Personally I'm just done with it," says Heaps. "If something stops being inspiring or fun or you're not super devoted to it anymore, change it. I've had fun novelties and retail for a while and I enjoy selling that more, so I wanted to branch out and go from there."

Heaps has plans to add more wacky products as Poison Apple really gets going, including everything from fun greeting cards to retro candy. Box Top already carried some Archie McPhee items, zombie stuff, and more - many of these items will be back in full force at Poison Apple.

While Box Top Vintage had occasional events, plans are in the works to have regular, scheduled events and perhaps something like a free comic book day each week. Scheduled events may include arts happenings, or writer or band signings.

Jason and I know a lot of people," says Heaps. "So say a band is coming to play Hell's Kitchen; we'll have them do a signing over here. There's so much we can do to really take advantage of our location."

"We are starting small, but plan on building Poison Apple into a giant corporation to be idolized by screaming throngs of rabid fanboys and girls," says McKibbin.

There is no specific date for Poison Apple's opening day yet, but keep an eye out for more details, coming soon to a Facebook fan page near you. Once a date is announced, soon after will follow an announcement for a grand opening party, and great celebrations punctuated by light refreshments will ensue.

The target date for this revelry is the beginning of April. The store may be closed for a few days before the grand opening.

"As we get closer to the opening time, we may butcher paper the windows for a few days until we get it all together - to build the excitement!" says Heaps.

Box Top Vintage Fan Page:


Poison Apple Fan Page:


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March 19, 2012 at 8:02am

MORNING SPEW: Pacific Ave. opens, Apple Computer payoff, rock stars before and after ...

WE ALL GET OLD: Grace Slick. Photo courtesy of i1245.photobucket.com / via: randompictures.livejournal.com


Tacoma's Lower Pacific Avenue: It will open to traffic for the first time since June. (News Tribune)

Tacoma And Puyallup Police: They've had it with the whole smash out a car window and steal stuff trend. (News Tribune)

Holy Crap: There are Washington state high schools where four out of 10 students do not earn a diploma in four years. (News Tribune)

Madoff Madness: The owners of the New York Mets reached agreement today to pay $162 million to settle claims related to the Bernard Madoff case. (CNN)

Apple Computers: Investors will score big this summer. (The New York Times)

Rosie O'Donnell: Oprah fired her. (USA Today)

Never Too High To Talk: George Clinton takes fashion, fishing and fun. (SF Gate)

Shirley Manson Of Garbage: She was on Chelsea Lately. (Pink Is The New Blog)

Rock Stars: Let's see what they look like old. (Buzz Feed)

March 15, 2012 at 8:31am

MORNING SPEW: South Sound slimeballs, Rolling Stones tour, Woolly Mammoth ...

"Portlandia": It will feel it all around for a third season.


Madame Slimball: Jacqueline Nicole Carr is in the Pierce County Jail after allowing awo 15-year-old girls to prostitute themselves in the home she shares with her two young sons. (News Tribune)

Mister Slimeball: Lakewood police are chasing a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint inside her apartment. (News Tribune)

Afghan President To U.S.: Get the hell out. (CNN)

Senate Democrats Are Pissed: The Violence Against Women Act once enjoyed broad bipartisan support but now faces fierce opposition from Republicans. (The New York Times)

Business Advice: Twenty-two executives share the best advice they ever received. (Business Insider)

Circus Boost: Scientists plan to clone the Woolly Mammoth. (Time)

Incest?: Whitney Houston's daughter likely doing it with Whitney Houston's adopted son. (Gawker)

Out Of Luck: HBO has canceled Luck. (Yahoo)

Better Luck: Portlandia will return for a third season. (LaughSpin)

This Report Brought To You By Geritol: Rolling Stones push back its 50th Anniversary Tour to 2013. (Rolling Stone)

Need Sleep?: Christopher Walken reads Where the Wild Things Are. (boingboing)

Put Some Clothes On Girls

March 9, 2012 at 7:12am

MORNING SPEW: Huge score for Port of Tacoma, SOTA freshman class, Mantyhose ...

SOTA: Here come the freshmen.


Go Tacoma!: A consortium of three shipping lines is leaving Seattle for the Port of Tacoma. (Seattle Times)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll: You'll need to break your piggy bank. (News Tribune)

Tacoma School Of The Arts: Here comes the first-ever freshman class. (News Tribune)

Lights, Camera, More Action: Washington's Legislature brings back tax credits to lure movie production to the state. (News Tribune)

The Economy: U.S. employers continued the stronger pace of hiring last month, but the overall job market is not out of the woods yet. (CNN)

Health Care Law: The Obama administration has begun an aggressive campaign. (The New York Times)

Maya Rudolph: The Fresh Air interview. (NPR)

Ralph Baer: 90-year-old video game pioneer. (Boing Boing)

Mantyhose: Nylons for guys aren't for Robin Hood anymore. (Time)

Nerd Alert: The 15 nerdiest Saturday Night Live sketches. (Topless Robot)

Today In Craptastic!

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