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September 6, 2009 at 12:59pm

Masa's pancakes rule


Spending Labor Day weekend enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes and smells from our own backyard:

Masa pancakes Masa
2811 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.254.0560

Breakfast hours: Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Breakfast-with-Bobble-Tiki There's almost nothing in the world Bobble Tiki loves as much as a plate of pancakes. Bobble Tiki's wife, Silver Oak wine, sashimi, listening to Led Zepp at deep, ear-massaging levels â€" they all edge out pancakes, but not by much. Pancakes are definitely in his top five.

And why not? A tall stack of flapjacks is basically an American excuse to eat cake for breakfast. As a tiny tiki, Bobble Tiki would get a furtive thrill whenever his folks took him to the diner in the morning and told him to order whatever Bobble Tiki wanted. Bobble Tiki ask for pancakes, of course â€" beautiful, warm, perfectly round pancakes, slathered in butter and drizzled with warm syrup from a sticky jug â€" and eat them quickly, shoveling them down like Bobble Tiki was getting away with something.

This morning Bobble Tiki shoveled a plate of Masa pancakes â€" very quick.

Masa pacakes â€" two large cakes with two eggs to order, 12 very thin, fried potatoes and choice of sausage or bacon â€" arrive light and fluffy, yet dense, concentrically browned on the flat grill and served with butter balls and strawberries â€" each in their own tiny cup â€" are subtly sweet, delicately starchy. They taste like you imagine pancakes would taste when you see perfect pictures in magazines, on menus, how you might remember pancakes tasting when you were a tiny tiki: a pure indulgence, dessert made into a meal.

As you read earlier on Spew, Masa now serves breakfast on the weekends. Click here for all the details.

Bobble Tiki invaded the next table to snap a few shots of other Masa breakfast items.

Masa quesi Masa sandwich Masa Gritty LINK: Masa's Web site

August 14, 2009 at 1:30pm

Java Jive TV commerical shoot Sunday


Bobble-avatar-forums Several things have occurred to Bobble Tiki since he stopped watching television:

1. Bobble Tiki still sees the Brady Bunch when he closes his eyes.
2. Poor Gilligan was kept down by the man.
3. Rosie O'Donnell killed Bobble Tiki’s Betty Rubble fantasy. (Mostly)
4. Everything useful Bobble Tiki knows he learned from watching cartoons.

Bobble Tiki is here to tell you, tuning out can be a real eye opener. If he hadn't stopped paying his cable bill Bobble Tiki never would have known.

However, Bobble Tiki will come clean and tell you he’s always wanted to be on TV. Bobble Tiki thinks he’s got what it takes.

Bobble Tiki will prove it Sunday at Bob’s Java Jive.

Justin Peterson and Dave Graham will be shooting a TV commercial for Bob's Java Jive Sunday, Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. Those interested in being an extra should show up and represent.

Warning: Don’t be trying to step in front of Bobble Tiki when the light goes on. Bobble Tiki has springs!

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August 11, 2009 at 11:32am

Adult Wiffle Ball league


Wiffle-Ball-PlastiBobble-avatar-forums If you are anything like Bobble Tiki, you played Wiffle Ball as a child in the backyard, on campus when you should have been in class, and, if you happen to work at the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters, whenever a sufficient number of deadlines have been met.

And Bobble Tiki is sure you had the same arguments about balls, strikes and outs (all part of the fun of course) as we did.

Anyway, Bobble Tiki just received word that the Lakewood Community Center will host an adult Wiffle Ball league this fall:

Register your Wiffle Ball team by September 24th.  Registration and league play is held at the Lakewood Community Center, 9112 Lakewood Drive SW, Lakewood.  The fee per team is $198.  For more information call 253-798-4177.

By the way, the Volcano's baseball diamond was our lower parking lot that's usually dry (as opposed to the dripping ceiling we enjoy October through May). Four of us competed in an every-man/tiki-for-himself battle of "automatics" and "ghost runners" that typically found each person getting two at-bats. One person/tiki pitched to a catcher who called balls and strikes. The catcher also decided whether a hard grounder, line-drive or deep fly was a single, double, triple, homer or out.

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July 22, 2009 at 5:24am

Be in Visibility 00 â€" tonight


Rockstar The idea is simple but brilliant: musicians often need to find bands, and bands often need to find musicians â€" but making these connections is usually way too difficult. Knowing this, Freedom Records is holding live and open auditions for all musicians interested in joining a band â€" Bob's Java Jive â€" tonight. Starting at 9 p.m., the evening will kick off with Visibility 00 holding auditions for a singer. Additional bands will follow, and they’ll all be looking to fill a musical hole.

More details can be found in Bobble Tiki's column.

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July 8, 2009 at 2:50pm

Guns & Rossetti, Broken Oars, Girl Trouble and more to play Music and Art in the Park


Guns Perhaps the most exciting news this week is related to Wright Park in Tacoma â€" and, no, it has nothing to do with the guy Bobble Tiki saw openly urinating last Saturday near the duck pond. Rather, the news has to do with the Music and Art in the Park festival headed to Wright Park Aug. 15.

Organized by Tacoma legend Bennett Thurmon, Music and Art in the Park will be a free all day festival featuring mounds of music, food and, well, art.

The musical lineup, announced this week, is freakin’ amazing. Expect Zeke, Guns & Rossetti, Broken Oars, C.F.A., The Coloffs, Mico De Noche, Girl Trouble, The Plastards and more to rock your face off during the festival. Then you can go back to peeing in the duck pond.

Keep an eye on the festival's MySpace site here.

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July 6, 2009 at 12:38pm

Open Choir Fire!


Open-Choir-Fire Friday night Seattle’s Open Choir Fire will celebrate its new CD, Dirt Bathed and Quilted, at The New Frontier Lounge in Tacoma with Bayonet and Elder Mason opening.

Because Open Choir Fire is super nice they offer a free download of the record this week. Check out the press release they sent Bobble Tiki:

In anticipation of this weekend's CD release festivities, we've made our new full length record Dirt Bathed and Quilted available as a FREE download for this week only. Simply visit openchoirfire.com and click the "Download Album for Free" link. Simple as that. No sign-ups, no logins, no nothin'. You're welcome/Thank you. Spread the word.
We hope to see you all at one or both of our CD Release shows this weekend, where you can do our bottom line a favor and purchase a wonderfully retro-inspired CD of the new record. But wait, THAT'S NOT ALL! With your purchase (for what...ten bucks? is that fair?), you'll receive a FREE copy of the OTHER new record (soon to be released on J-Shirt Records), No Recession, by our jerk-off country band Mississippi Painful. That's a lot of free music. I don't exactly know why we're giving all this shit out for free, considering I can hardly afford to feed my scaredy-cat dog her "with oatmeal for sensitive stomachs" kibble, but oh well, it seems the be the thing.

Back in November 2006 Bobble Tiki interview Open Choir Fire drummer Terry Kyte for the Weekly Volcano. It was before the Volcano launched its Web site so millions didn’t get to read its brilliance. Until now. Check it out below (remember the information is dated):

Seattle trio Open Choir Fire’s mother tongue is alternative, but as the once-supple dialect of alternative has hardened over the years into a rigid paradigm, Open Choir Fire has smoothly eluded its grasp â€" by inventing a new language.

Hell, Bobble Tiki doesn’t know what to call it. Guitarist/vocalist Amo DelBello, drummer Terry Kyte, and bassist Brian Massey construct a brilliant, rockin’, quirky and sweet sound in their new album, In Each Appropriate Everlasting and Not, often in the same song.  It’s Talking Heads inventive.  It’s Kings of Leon soulful.  It’s Pixies rockin’.

BOBBLE TIKI: How did three guys from the Southwest end up in a band based in Seattle? 

TERRY KYTE: Amo the guitar singer and I both moved to Tacoma to attend the University of Puget Sound, where we met in 1997 and have been playing together since with various other folk. After graduating and moving to Seattle, I paid to have an old high school friend, Brian, shipped up here to play bass for us. He’s a rocket surgeon during the day, and he’s had the same haircut for 20 years.

TIKI: Bobble Tiki hears a bit of that early ‘90s Seattle sound in your indie wonderfulness.  Did this area’s history influence your music? 

KYTE:  We’ve gotten the grunge thing before. I don’t exactly know what that refers to in our music, and I think all of us are quite hesitant to talk about musical influences in that sense. We’d like to think we have an original sound, but I guess we were all growing up around that time so perhaps Bobble Tiki is not crazy.

TIKI: Oh, Bobble Tiki is crazy, but not as crazy as the name Open Choir Fire.  Story please.

KYTE: Story behind the name is we needed a band name, and so when you’re really tired and or drunk, have someone give you a few letters, and then you spew out stream of consciousness type stuff that the letters trigger in your head, and somehow someone came up with open fire choir. We thought that name was dumb and stupid and racist, so we switched the words to have it make no sense and have no meaning as all good band names should.

TIKI: You are playing with experimental hip-hop band MC Vagina Saturday at Bob’s Java Jive.  Are they friend or foe?

KYTE: Tough question. MC Vagina is probably both friend and foe. They’ve mad rhymes though.  They are pretty amazing to see.

TIKI: What’s your favorite cover you perform?

KYTE: The only cover we have played is Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign,” but we gave it up recently.

TIKI: After a show nothing tastes better than?

KYTE: After a show nothing tastes better than the blood in my mouth? Is that what you mean?

TIKI: Well, not really.

Do you think your music saves lives?

KYTE: Our music hasn’t saved any lives that I’m aware of. It has ruined three lives and five relationships to date though.

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July 4, 2009 at 7:23pm

Fourth of July â€" live


Breakfast-with-Bobble-Tiki As families across the South Sound celebrated Independence Day tonight with fireworks, beer and barbecues, the nation's youth are participating in a time-honored ritual of their own as they suffer minor injuries from firecrackers exploding prematurely in their hands.

Bobble Tiki is on the scene:

"It just doesn't feel like the Fourth of July till a Black Cat goes off just as your arm's cocked to throw," says Chet, Bobble Tiki’s 13-year-old fourth cousin, nursing his throbbing right hand in a bag of ice. "The sudden bang, the shock of realizing what just happened, the weird tingling that slowly gives way to mind-blowing pain ... it's like, 'Yeah, now it's the Fourth of July.'"

Ted, 17, Bobble Tiki’s sister’s sister’s nephew, agrees.

"I’m down to my last four Whipcracks and thinking it wasn't going to happen this year," he says, grounded to his room, his left hand wrapped in a damp towel. "Second to last one, no kidding, blam! A Fourth without hand injuries is like a Fourth without hot dogs.

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July 3, 2009 at 10:00am

Beer Chat: The Red Hot


Breakfast-with-Bobble-Tiki Despite the best efforts of Tacoma’s Bottle Rocket Czar Bobble Tiki knows the suburbs will look and smell like a set from Apocalypse Now tomorrow. Neighborhoods of otherwise model citizens will toss aside their compliant approach on July 4, using the celebration of freedom to exercise a little of their own. Vive la resistance! Sorry ... excuse Bobble Tiki’s French.

Speaking of exploding, Bobble Tiki about lost it when he discovered received that The Red Hot will take the Fourth off. Seriously? Where will Bobble Tiki hide Saturday? Bobble Tiki caught up with Red Hot owner Chris Trashcan for the scoop.

Red-Hot-article-814 CHRIS TRASHCAN: Seriously. I will be somewhere with my cell phone turned off, enjoying life. The Red Hot Beertender Crew will be enjoying a deserved day off, and we'll be back for the attack on Sunday the 5th.

TIKI: Crap. Now Bobble Tiki will have to spend the day with the extended family. Ugh.

I’ll drop by the next day for my regular real beer float. Bobble Tiki sees you’re using Ninkasi’s Oatis this Sunday for the floats. Why?

TRASHCAN: I chose Ninkasi's Oatis this Sunday because it has a killer roasty, chocolate maltiness to it that goes great with vanilla bean ice cream. Kind of earthy. It's dark chocolate bitterness pulls through the creaminess as well. It has a smooth mouthfeel as is, which is even more pronounced on ice cream. Plus it's just fucking delicious.

TIKI: Hey, little help. Bobble Tiki’s nephews or something shake up his Pabst cans every Fourth. If Bobble Tiki taps the top of his can, will it not explode on him?

TRASHCAN: No, tapping a can does nothing except help to take more CO2 out of solution, which will cause even more foaming. If you don't shake up the can, you won't have this problem to begin with.

TIKI: Crap.

[The Red Hot, 2914 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.779.0229]

July 2, 2009 at 1:44pm

Shot glasses will be tapping tonight


Kris-Orlowski-7-2 Bobble Tiki likes to say he put the pop in “pop rock” â€" but that’s only because of the alarming noises Bobble Tiki’s joints make when he gets out on the dance floor. Those that have witnessed Bobble Tiki bust out the running man at Kry shows know exactly the sound Bobble Tiki’s talking about â€" and it’s not pretty.

Luckily, when Kris Orlowski plays The New Frontier tonight, Bobble Tiki probably wont be inspired to dance â€" rather, he’ll just sit happily nursing a strong drink and enjoying the radio ready sounds of one of the Northwest’s more talented singer songwriters. These are the lessons Bobble Tiki is learning with age.

According to MySpace, Kris Orlowski “has an edgy roots-rock mix with hints of alternative and pop jazz-fusion” â€" but that all sounds like mumbo jumbo to Bobble Tiki.

Let’s just say this Orlowski fellow knows how to pen a catchy number.

[The New Frontier Lounge, with Boscoe’s Brood, Thursday, July 2, 9 p.m., $5, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, 253.572.4020]

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July 2, 2009 at 10:44am

Mid morning music news


It's Thursday, which means Bobble Tiki is spewing local music news over on the mothership. Check it here.

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