Tacoma Filmmakers hosts Wait-a-Minute Film Competition

By Kristin Kendle on November 10, 2014

Come one, come all to the inaugural run of the Wait-a-Minute Film Competition - a competition designed to involve members of Tacoma Filmmakers as well as other local filmmakers in a competition with a straight-forward goal. The goal - create a one-minute film within the span of a week.

"We hoped that those who were otherwise intimidated about making a film would see that this wouldn't be such a daunting task after all. The whole goal of Tacoma Filmmakers is to encourage local filmmakers to create films and network with others who want to create films," says John Kephart of the Tacoma Filmmakers executive committee.

The contest is pleasantly open and inviting to all Washington state residents. Rules are simple - entered films including their credits must be 60 seconds; films must be written, edited, scored and completed between 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 16 and 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 23. To ensure all films are actually created during that week, participants will be granted a mystery element when they register for the contest at Sanford and Son Antiques between 3-4 p.m. Nov. 16.

"The mystery element is what ensures that the film is made between the period of November 16 and November 23," says Kephart. "If teams don't have the mystery element in their films, they either made it ahead of time or somehow forgot to include it. The mystery element will be something simple, non-intrusive to the story the filmmakers are telling - in case they wish to show their film elsewhere the mystery element won't necessarily stand out as something included to satisfy a demand it be there. On the other hand, there IS an award for best use of the mystery element. ..."

Filmmakers can enter the contest solo or with a team. If you seek a team and yet don't know any other filmmakers, you can contact David Ewing at dayviewing@gmail.com to connect with others looking for team members.

There's an entry fee of $5 and there are prizes. Best Film awards will be given both to a film chosen by the executive committee and by the audience - both of these will win a $50 Visa card. There will also be certificates for Best Use of the Mystery Element, Best Editing and Best Youth Film for Filmmaker Under 25. Entries must be in mp4 format and turned in on a flash drive, which will be returned. For more information, visit tacomafilmmakers.com.

Stay tuned for details on the viewing party Wait-a-Minute Film Competition Viewing Party.