Jimbo Jitsu's "The Farm" revolutionizes the hemp/weed/eco connection in Olympia

By Nikki McCoy on August 7, 2014

Out Delphi Road, near the Nisqually Nature Trail, is a farm. And not just any farm, this is "The Farm," home of "The Cannabis Connection," a new resource for lovers of the herb.

Now, this reporter, a fan herself, enjoyed the opportunity to visit The Farm on opening day Aug. 2.

A small crowd, laughing and discussing jalapeno chicken and hemp and drinking cold beer, a few vendor tents with "goods," bales of hay for sitting, live acoustic music from Scott Taylor and Burdman, rendering an especially cute version of "Up in Smoke," and good smells, some sweet and intoxicating, others salty and grilled, were all part of the experience.

Jimbo Jitsu, curator of the event, and beloved Olympian was a gracious host. You may know him from Olympia's Farmers Market, his fascinating Youtube channel, his award-winning chef skills, or his musical involvement.

Jitsu's has a vision: An open farm market with artisan, commercial, and adult pavilion, a 21+ market section with medical cannabis, informational speakers, live music on stage, charity beer garden and Sunshine Grill. It's a place where medical/recreational cannabis providers and other vendors meet within a Farm Market and Adult Pavilion.

"Several people told me this was needed," said Jitsu of his inspiration, "... a lot of people have a need to share their specific type of medicine, like different oils and creams. So I wanted to build a place where they can not only provide their medicine, they can provide the knowledge they have, so people can then treat themselves."

A part of the agro-tourism movement, the eventual goal is to create an eco-village, beginning with a yurt made of hemp composite, and then building other types of sustainable housing on site, creating workshops out of the building experience so the public can participate.  

Education is a huge part of The Farm experience, and the first speaker Saturday was Kevin Hodge, inventor of Hemp Adobe, a building material as strong as, but 40 percent lighter than, concrete. Please view Jitsu's Youtube video of Hodge and his awesome invention. ... 

The Farm is open to the public every Saturday from noon to 6 p.m., when the season changes, the fun will be moved into a barn. Every event will have an informational speaker, live music and freebies.

Saturday, Aug. 9, Jitsu will give away 500 free "samples" and 100 free award-winning bacon bites - Jitsu's special blend of sausage, hamburger, mushroom, onion, bacon and secret spices. Discussion and demonstrations will focus on cooking with cannabis with a topical pain rub free trial.

Camping is available, and an eventual "kid zone" and "dog zone" will be part of the fun.

THE FARM, noon to 6 p.m. Saturdays, 6501 Delphi Road SW, Olympia, 360.754.2868