Tournament of Burgers Day 14: Tuesday's winners and Sweet Pickle 16 games

By Ron Swarner on April 2, 2014


You must admit: in a region full of dining options, you lust after your burger as a teenage girl pines for Ross Lynch (I'm forced to watch the show). Buns, meat, onions, greens and cheese - the things of dreams. Taco Bell might try to tempt you away with bun puns but their 88 percent "USDA-inspected quality beef" fails: Burger, it is your heart that it has taken.

Yesterday's Results

Game 1: Eastside Big Tom vs. NetShed No. 9

To be honest, NetShed No. 9 did far more damage in the Tournament of Burgers than anyone here in Walkie Talkie Land anticipated. We know the Gig Harbor waterfront restaurant more for its New American breakfast and lunch, serving dishes such as baked chicken thighs paired with waffles and the "Rubenesque" pastrami sandwich. Taking out The Harmon in the first round, and later freakin' Five Guys in the second, was impressive to say the least. However, the good times came to an abrupt halt yesterday when number one seed Eastside Big Tom once again flexed its muscles, perhaps emerging as the odds on favorite to make the final Four out of Region 1, Snagging 63 percent of the vote, Eastside Big Tom moves into the Great Eight.

Game 2: Pick-Quick Drive-In vs. Maxwell's Restaurant

The way Maxwell's and their Walker Burger has managed to bring it during this year's Tournament of Burgers has been nothing short of amazing. Yesterday, many all ready had established competitor Pick-Quick penciled in as the winner. Those people, however, were foolish - as Maxwell's once again proved its burger prowess. The votes don't lie, and when the final buzzer sounded Maxwell's had racked up an astounding 87 percent of the vote and comfortably moves into the Great Eight competition.

Game 3: Asado vs. The Westside Tavern

The Westside Tavern in Olympia went through some serious transformation during 2011. Gone are Big Buck Hunter and pull-tabs. They have been replaced by refurbished pool tables and the classy photography of Casey Grant featuring tattooed ladies and Olympia beer. Gone is the tattered blue paint on the outside of the building - inside and out. The ambiance has been mellowed by earthy paint tones, accented by red. Gone is the greasy spoon bar food. The Westside now serves homemade upscale menu items, such as portabella fries with sweet Chile sauce and pineapple express sliders. New owners Dean and Lisa Damitio have created a cool bar, and a lineup of burgers that is tough to beat. In the closest battle of the day, the Westside gathered 67 percent of the vote over fancy number one seed Asado, and moves into the Great Eight.

Game 4: Tatanka Takeout vs. Best Burgers

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is how the song goes, and that's just what unheralded Tatanka Takeout has been earning so far in the Tournament of Burgers, knocking off Best Burgers yesterday and garnering 77 percent of the vote. Our circulation department had Best Burgers going all the way. Bison meat is trickier to cook than beef, but also leaner and more nutritious, and Tatanka takes its skills and skinny ass into the Great Eight.

Let's weed through the condiments. The following are advancing to the Sweet 16:

The daily burger battles on Walkie Talkie are sponsored by Ricky J's Restaurant and Lounge in Puyallup.

OK, let's dive into today's Sweet Pickle 16 burger battles. Vote for one burger joint per game. Voting for today's burger battles ends at 11:45 p.m. 

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Tomorrow's Great Eight Burger Games

Game 1: Eastside Big Tom (2023 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia) vs. Lefty's Burger Shack (8317 27th St. W., University Place) OR The Forum (815 Pacific Ave., Tacoma)

Game 2: Maxwell's Restaurant (454 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma) vs. Lunchbox Laboratory (4901 Point Fosdick Dr. NW, Gig Harbor) OR Crown Bar (2705 6th Ave, Tacoma)

Game 3: The Westside Tavern (1815 Harrison Ave. NW, Olympia) vs. The Spar (2121 N. 30th St., Tacoma) OR Herfy's (10417 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood)

Game 4: Tatanka Takeout (4915 N. Pearl St., Ruston) vs. Shake Shake Shake (124 N. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma) OR Little Jerry's (8233 S. Park Ave., Tacoma)

Championship Vote/Party: 6 p.m., Monday, April 7 at Meconi's Tacoma Pub & Eatery in downtown Tacoma.

Confused? Read our Tournament of Burgers introduction here.

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