Downtown Olympia has a new grocery store - Little General Food Shop

By Nikki McCoy on April 30, 2014

Imagine a food store in the heart of downtown Olympia. One that is quaint and colorful and smartly-designed. One that offers organic produce, grab-and-go sandwiches, specialty snacks, beer/wine, meat, cheese and more.

Imagine no further, friends. This is now a reality. Little General Food Shop, located next to Rainy Day Records, at 313 Fifth Ave., officially opened Friday April 25, and is now open for business 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

Owner Kim Murillo is a former engineer and current seamstress, who rented space in downtown Olympia before deciding to open Little General.

"I wanted to bring in things that I couldn't find in town," said Murillo. "There wasn't a lot of focus on sourcing artisan foods and things that were fun ... especially downtown, like when I was in my sewing studio space, I often found that I didn't want to go to a restaurant and I didn't bring a lunch, I just wanted to grab a couple things."

For the hundreds of people that work, play and live in downtown Olympia, Little General is nothing short of a blessing. No more having to head out of downtown just to get a snack, or some Band-Aids or a beer or a tub of organic salad for dinner.

Now, you can find all this, plus more (need some panty liners, ladies?) - all locally sourced or from small batch companies.

The 600-square-foot shop also has a seating area and Wi-Fi available.

"I wanted a space people can use to study, or have lunch, or a date," laughed Murillo. "This is a community space."

Fun Fact: Little General is the endearing nickname Murillo's husband gave her. She thought it would be the perfect name for the store.

Cool Fact: Bearded Lady Food Company sandwiches are available at the Little General Food Shop.