JBLM Modified Dolls bust out bake sale at Old Navy

By J.M. Simpson on July 1, 2013

The women were different. The colorful tattoos and body piercings were hard to miss.

"We break stereotypes," Cara Ballinger, the spouse of a Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier and member of the Modified Dolls, said matter-of-factly.

"Our tattoos and body piercings do not make us bad women."

Founded by Holly Roettger and granted non-profit status in 2012, the Modified Dolls is a worldwide organization dedicated to living their mission statement of, "We are the Different making a Difference."

Body modification is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy.  It is often done for aesthetics, group membership, body art and self-expression.

Body piercing, ear piercing and tattooing are common modifications.

One looks different.

To Amanda Tomasura, another JBLM spouse, body modification is about art and self-expression.

"I like to think of my tattoos and piercings as art," she said. 

"Some people buy works of art to hang on the walls of their homes; I put art on my body."

>>> JBLM spouses Amanda Tomasura, Jennifer Whitaker, Em Seymour and Jackie Fenton of the Modified Dolls took part in a bake sale last Saturday at Old Navy in the Lakewood Towne Center.Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

The fact that the women have modified their looks does not change their desire to support and promote organizations espouse acceptance. 

"And our goal as an organization is to demolish the negative stereotypes associated with being a modified woman by doing charity work."

To make their point that being different can lead to making a positive difference in society, the TMD hosted a bake sale at the Old Navy store in the Lakewood Towne Center last Saturday.

"We love having them here," Michelle Gettemy, service and training manager at the Old Navy store, said. 

"They are making a positive difference."

>>> JBLM spouse Amanda Tomasura prepares an order for a customer at the Old Navy store in the Lakewood Towne Center last Saturday. The purpose of the bake sale was to raise money to benefit a charity.Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

While hundreds of customers came to the store last Saturday to take advantage of the $1 Flip Flop sale, the Dolls sold homemade cookies, cupcakes and cheesecake.

Sales were brisk.

"Every cent we take in we give to a charity," Em Seymour, another JBLM spouse, continued. 

"This month the charity we're contributing to is the World Wildlife Foundation.  We are the different helping to make a difference and break a stereotype."

Sounds like something worth tattooing.

For more information about The Modified Dolls, visit www.modifieddolls.org or www.FaceBook.com/thenodifieddollsorg.

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