Mother's Day: When cookies do good

By Jackie Fender on May 2, 2013


As typical of Mother's Day, many businesses will provide special dining opportunities for that special lady in your life. One such business is Smith Brothers Farms. Smith Brothers Farms is the modern day milkman delivering farm fresh eggs, milk, cheeses and other locally sourced products from the Pacific Northwest right to your door.

This month they are holding a promotion in honor of Mother's Day - a portion of proceeds of featured products will be donated to benefit the YWCA to honor moms in need. Featured items are both of the baked variety of course, because as we know all moms like to bake right?

Add an order of Erin Baker's cookies or Seattle Bagel Bakery four-pack and a donation will be made to the YWCA. You can also use those milk and eggs that have been delivered straight to your door to concoct a little something up by hand for your mama.

To celebrate mamas and all that they do, their nurturing ways and you know giving you life and all it's best to not forget that Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 12.

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