Weekend Hip-Hop: Graffiti Garage Cyphers and E-Dawg

By Josh Rizeberg on April 13, 2013


The biggest show this weekend is not until Sunday, so you might actually get to spend some time at home with your family this weekend. Sunday is a busy one though. You can start off the day by hitting the Northwest MC League Graffiti Garage Cyphers. These are now at 1:30 p.m., free and all-ages. It is very organic down there on Tacoma's Antique Row. Sometimes people battle, sometimes they freestyle, sometimes there are beats, sometimes there is not. Whoever heads down there gets to create the scene for that day.

Sunday night is Shut the Stage Down 4. This is E-Dawg's fourth installment of his monster hip-hop show blowouts. This one is also at 88 Keys in Seattle starting at 9 p.m. Presale tickets are $10, $20 at the door, and a $35 V.I.P. option that includes food. There are many talented artists on the bill, as E-Dawg always packs them in; but look out for Tacoma area artists J.U.I., Johnny Solo, TDF, Kept See, Hill B and D.J. Iceman. These shows are really more like an event than a normal hip-hop show. They are crowded, and people seem to be dressed up a bit more than a normal raggedy hip-hop night. Leave it up to E-Dawg to get people out in their best fits. See ya'll there!