Tacoma's Rocket Records is forced to move

By Nikki McCoy on March 27, 2013


For seven years, Rocket Records has sat on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Proctor in Tacoma. With fliers plastered to the walls, and sweet Bruno, the shop dog, spending time at Rocket Records was more like walking into a buddy's house - one that just happens to have an awesome assortment of music and merchandise, including music from local bands.

Sadly, Rocket Records current location is on the chopping block. Owner Steve Gaydich has until April 30 to move out.

When probed about why, Gaydich says, "I don't know and I don't care. I'm out of here."
A new tenant will move into the Rocket Records location, as an expansion on a mixed martial arts academy next door.

Gaydich says he is meeting with a realtor this week for a location a few doors down, and that he hopes to have a moving sale, and not a going out of business sale.

"I'm an onry son of a ...," says Gaydich. "I want to stay around here."

Rocket Records is more than a record store, it's also been a cool all-ages music venue to see such bands as Before Cars, Stone Axe, Bacchus, Kramer, CFA and many others.

Big Wheel Stunt Show will play a free show at 3 p.m. Saturday, April 6 as a promotion for its latest vinyl release. Also, a big event is planned as a final show for this location of Record Store Day, April 20. While names aren't confirmed, expect some loud and heavy local favorites.

"We're going to blow the roof off," says Gaydich.

The Weekly Volcano will keep you posted on the outcome of Rocket Records' fate. In the meantime, go see some live music and buy some records. Bruno will appreciate it.