Olympia Coffee Roasting Company opens third location tomorrow

By Nikki McCoy on March 27, 2013


Hundreds of coffee-starved citizens in Olympia's South Capitol neighborhood and beyond are eagerly waiting for tomorrow, their knuckles white around their crappy cup of coffee in anticipation.

The neighborhood folks are waiting the arrival of one of Thurston County's most prized coffee providers - and three-year Weekly Volcano Best of Olympia winner Olympia Coffee Roasting Company  - to open its doors at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, March 28 at its new location at 2824 Capitol Blvd.

Customers aren't the only ones excited about the grand opening of the company's third location, the owners and baristas have been spotted brewing coffee and entertaining would-be customers on the sidewalk in front of the new store, half freezing, half basking in the sun as the northwest shifts into spring.

And like the season's gifts of new growth, expansion and well being, Olympia Coffee Roasters will gift the community with a place to gather, grow, and finally have a decent cup of joe.

Here's to new beginnings!