Weekend Hip-Hop: O'Malley's show, DJs Michael 5000 Watts and Hawksee, Graffiti Cyphers and more ...

By Josh Rizeberg on March 22, 2013


This weekend looks to be a busy one in the regional hip-hop scene.

Tonight, you could go to Nuemo's in Seattle to see Thee Satisfaction, OC Notes and more. This show is $12 advance, $15 at the door, which, honestly, is a steal. Dropping $12-15 is nothing to see this level of talent. I mention this show because Thee Satisfaction and OC Notes have roots and ties to Tacoma. If you're unfamiliar with Seattle hip-hop - this would be the show to hip yourself to.

However, even if you are broke - there is still a really good show tonight in Tacoma - for free! The Loop, J-Stat, Tha Committee with D.J. Reign and host by Kdueski will be in O'Malley's Irish Pub's music room. This is an incredible show to see, especially for free. It is a well-rounded hip-hop show. Kdueski is a natural up on stage - the flows and the jokes roll off him with ease. I'm sure he'll make a fantastic host.

Saturday, you could go see legendary DJs Michael 5000 Watts and Hawksee at the New World V.I.P. Lounge in Lakewood. The show is $10 presale, $15 at door, and there is a $30 V.I.P. package. Local openers Starr, Stuey Newton, Watchyatone, El Solo and others will be on hand. It is also Makkk Hussein's bornday party!

Finally, even Sunday could be a pretty busy day. At 1 p.m., there is the Graffiti Cyphers put on by the Northwest MC League. This event is all-ages, free and held at the Graffiti Garages in Tacoma's Antique Row. Sunday night there is a pretty good open mic going on at The Mix. The fun begins at 7:30.

There ya'll go. Now ya know what to do!

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