WEEKEND HIP-HOP: Motamouth Jones, Graffiti Garages Sunday Ciphers, Tall Cann

By Josh Rizeberg on January 18, 2013


Although it is cold out, there is no snow yet (as of writing this). So, there really isn't an excuse to stay in during the weekend. Now bundle up! Here are yo marching orders! This weekend will have ya a little here and a little there, seeing a little of this and a little of that. ...

Saturday, at 8 p.m., for $15, The Nectar in Seattle is hosting Layzie Bone and the High Off Life Tour. Motamouth Jones and Sikk Stylez are on the bill as openers. Motamouth Jones is currently building his K.O.E. (Klowns Over Everything) movement. I will have more on them in a future as part of my What's the Word? column. Motamouth will be sure to bring you that sharp lyricism and those theatrical-performances that have earned the group a top spot in the Tacoma hip-hop scene. There are a whopping nine artists on the Nectar bill, so hopefully it will not turn into a cluster mess of poorly run hip-hop sets.

Sunday will have you out all day and night. At 1 p.m. you have to head over and hit the Graffiti Garages Sunday Ciphers put on by the Northwest M.C. League. Whether you are a freestyler, a battler or a producer shopping beats, this is the place to build. The last couple Graffiti Garage Ciphers were canceled due to the Seahawks game.

Later Sunday night, head up to Seattle to 88 Keys (9 p.m. for $10) for Shut the Stage Down 3. These are huge hip-hop nights that E-Dawg has been throwing. Sixteen artists are scheduled to perform, two DJs and the night is hosted by Shawn Kemp. Tacoma underground and highly respected legend Tall Cann will be rocking. Speaking of cluster messes, this night can turn into one. Hopefully E-Dawg and the artists that are booked can pull this historical night off. I am hoping so!

LINK: Hip-Hop 4 Homeless event