Puyallup: The Spite Wall, firearms and the scary alley ghost

By McKenna Snyder on January 17, 2013


Downtown Puyallup is mostly known for its pretty parks and small town feel — and, of course, the Puyallup Fair. But, what is not known about Puyallup is some of its unique history, such as The Spite wall and the ghost that still haunts the area.

On a recent outing to Central Perk Espresso and Deli I dropped in on nearby Ace Pawn and Loan, which is owned by an acquaintance of mine, Eli Reed. Striking up a conversation with a customer at Ace Pawn — which the customer calls "The Pawn Stars of Puyallup — I inquired about the building's history. Apparently, the building was originally the site of "The Spite Wall." Ezra Meeker, a remarkable pioneer that is best known for his 25 year old struggle to interest Congress in marketing the Old Oregon Trail, built The Spite Wall to keep people away from his Meeker Mansion.

Today, the wall is the home to several businesses and office spaces, including The Pawn Stars of Puyallup. Ace Pawn is chock-full of electronics, tools, firearms, musical instruments, jewelry and ski gear.

My history lesson continued. ... I was told about the apparition people claimed to have seen on the stairs in the scary alley behind the building. People claim to have seen the figure of a person standing on the back staircase that would suddenly disappear. If that wasn't scary enough, the ghost can move things, such as shutting doors and windows, and in one case, actually poked someone.

The poking ghost hasn't hurt the businesses. People find the ghost more interesting than scary. 

Intrigued by the stories, I checked out the back alley. I didn't see any ghosts. Even if I did, I didn't have the proper ghost hunting equipment, such as a Ghostbuster trap.

I highly suggest you drop by Ace Pawn and Loan, and hear the stories first hand. Tell them "Mckenna sent me" and you could receive a Valentine's Day discount on their jewelry.

Happy pawning! 


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