WEEKEND HIP-HOP: A.K.A. and Seahawks vs. Graffiti Garages

By Josh Rizeberg on January 11, 2013


This looks like one of those weekends where there are not that many hip-hop shows in Tacoma. That said, Tacoma artists are plenty busy performing in the surrounding areas. So, gas-up yo ride, fill-it-up with yo best-friends and party-favors, and hit the road!

Friday, ya can catch A.K.A. (A King Also) at the White Rabbit in Seattle's Freemont neighborhood. Get there early, it is only $5 before 11 p.m., then it is $6 after. Still, not too expensive.  A King Also is fresh off his newest release on Itchy Records. The album seems to be getting him some props, which he has worked hard to get. His newest video on YouTube, "Dream Big" is a good example of his work. He has an everyday man's flow and vibe that a lot of people can relate too. However, he knows how to throw in just enough confidence in his rhymes to make it interesting.

Here's a heads-up about the Graffiti Garages on Sunday, which usually goes down at 1 p.m. As long as there is a Seahawks game on, then this event probably will get canceled. I have heard rumors that DJ Iceman invites people over to his home to watch the game and/or freestyle and battle. So, check the Graffiti Garage Cipher event page on Facebook to find out if Iceman's house is going on.

Have a fun weekend, PEACE!

LINK: Fresh Blends is back in Tacoma!