WEEKEND HIP-HOP: The Loch's, Tacnology Entertainment, D.A.S.H. ...

By Josh Rizeberg on December 7, 2012


What is going down this weekend?

Well, to start things off, there's a big local heavy-hitting line-up at The Loch's tonight. Catch Tha Committee, Po Boxx, Second Family, Island Trybe and others in the former Hell's Kitchen space. The Committee is down with Second Family, and Po Boxx is down with the Trybe. When Second Family and Island Trybe get together ... ya can expect some of the most thorough hip-hop 253 has to offer.

Saturday will also have ya at The Loch's, which is beginning to book quite a bit of hip-hop. Another $5 will get ya in to the Tacnology Entertainment demo release where ya can also see Abom, Illizm, Controversy, Dip from The Nuggz, Serious Mak, Influential Minds, DJ Skrewball and the whole thing will be streamed-live by Shigg from shiggsaysradio.info. The Facebook page to dress-up - So get yo Curtis Mayfield on and help these guys celebrate!

Also, a few random things to throw in

Make sure ya are letting any third-grader - on up to 20 year olds - know about the Art of Hip-Hop program at the D.A.S.H. Center. Classes are Friday evenings and Saturday at midday. It is the perfect way to educate a young person on the culture of hip-hop, and all aspects of audio engineering, rapping, graphic-design, photography and videography. The class is a one-stop shop to teach any youth everything they need to know to be a successful hip-hop artist.

Lastly, the Graffiti Garages are getting active again. Make sure ya stop by on Sundays to soak-up the rich, underground culture of a rap cipher!