WEEKEND HIP-HOP: Stacked hip-hop show

By Josh Rizeberg on December 21, 2012

So, today is the end of the world, or at least a really good excuse to go have some fun. There are lots of "End of the World" parties out there. It looks like most of the hip-hop parties are in Seattle; so if you are trying to stay close to home, hit the Stonegate. At 9 p.m., you can see Blue Nose Music, Awall A.K.A. 2-Piece, Shao Sosa, King Scrub, Dvious, K Dueski, and Beanz and Rize - some of the best local hip-hop one could hear. It's a good last show to experience.

Awall is gearing-up for 2013 by finishing up his Black and Mild and Courvoisier mixtape. Awall had a huge 2012. Look for Black and Mild and Courvoisier songs to be in full-effect this night. 2-Piece seems to be getting better and better every year. After having a slow last few months, look for Awall to be coming strong again when his new project drops.

Shao Sosa has fully made the transition to a stellar Tacoma artist. He has fully integrated himself into the scene, becoming one of the most valuable local staples our city has to offer.

Also, do not miss King Scrub. He is an awesome local famous guy. Scrub is true Tacoma - at home with the stoners, the metalheads and the G's.

Lastly, the real treat of this show is K Du. He is a skilled lyrical MC veteran who rarely gets his mic wet. I go to more shows than damn near anyone, and I have only caught one K Dueski set in 2012. He has the ability and skill to unite the cool hip-hop blogger cats and the diehard old school hip-hop purists. Not many could pull-off such a feat!