What's shakin' Shake Shake Shake?

By Ron Swarner on December 11, 2012


There are many unanswered questions in this world. For example, why don't heavier things fall faster? How did Dale Washam stay in office so long? How do I stop the kid from reaching puberty? Why have they not given the guy (duh, you know it was a guy) who invented HDTV the Nobel Prize? Why isn't TMZ called TBZ (The Bikini Zone)? Why was I searching TMZ (to find something clever for this paragraph - BTW no Xmas rap album from DMX this year)? And finally, when will the Shake Shake Shake burger joint finally open in Tacoma's Stadium District?

For the last five months brothers Steve and Gordon Naccarato (Pacific Grill) and partner Robert Stocker have been shake shake shaking a hammer remodeling the space that will host their retro-style burger joint Shake Shake Shake. We grabbed a look of its aqua blue set against electric orange interior during the Stadium Art & Wine Walk. We grabbed another look at its oversized sign that reads "Eat" during last weekend's Dickens Festival. And yet, the '40s vintage diner remains quiet at 124 N. Tacoma Ave.

When can we chow down on hamburgers, fries and shakes on a regular basis?

"We will open after the first of the year," says Stocker.

I guess the only thing we'll be shake shake shaking before Christmas will be gifts.