WEEKEND HIP-HOP: Kwanzaa Celebration and ILLFIGHTYOU

By Josh Rizeberg on December 28, 2012


I would imagine the weekend between Christmas and New Year's Day is a good one. There are plenty of things to be happy about right now - Seahawks included. Personally, this Jewish kid could not care less about football. For me, these two weeks are a true total vacation. I do Chanukah, but it is nowhere near the messy run around spend all yo $ extravaganza that my friends who celebrate Christmas experience. I get to check out and move at a slower pace than everyone. It gives me much needed rest, relaxation and clarity. This is a major time of the year for shows and entertainment, as everyone is back in town visiting their families and there seems to be all kinds of reasons to celebrate.

Tonight, I suggest hitting the free Kwanzaa Celebration at the Colored Women's Club (2316 S. Yakima Ave., Tacoma). Why? Cause it's put on by friends and members of our hip-hop community - Stella Haioulani with Free Ya Mind and D.J. Luvva J with Live from I-5. These two are the most powerful brother/sister one-two combination I have ever seen. Both are activists, educators, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers of their communities. If there is something good going on in the community, more than likely one of them or both is helping to make it happen.

The Kwanzaa Celebration runs from 7-11 p.m. and includes spoken word, music, dance and food. I bet there is even time for any open micers out there.

Sunday, stay home and listen to ILLFIGHTYOU on Street Sounds on KEXP 90.3, www.kexp.org. They will be doing a live in-studio performance at 8 p.m. Make sure ya watch their video "Batcave" at www.illfightyou.com so ya know what to expect.

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