Dear Black Friday ...

By Nikki McCoy on November 21, 2012


UPDATE: Having a sale for Small Business Saturday? Tell our 6,100+ Facebook fans about it by posting it on our page.

I have grown tired of your gimmicks and shenanigans and glittery advertisements. I am officially breaking up with you.

I, along with millions of conscientious consumers, am putting my foot down and letting that turkey settle a day longer before spending my hard-earned cash. That's right, the movement that started in 2010, that has gained momentum and gained my love - Small Business Saturday - is taking the nation by storm. 

And I'm in.

A website and Facebook page are devoted to the cause, and small businesses everywhere are celebrating.

"But, wait!" you might say, your voice dripping with deals, "Ballerina Barbie is only $2.99, wouldn't your children be delighted?"

"No!" I'd shout back, "Black Friday, you are nothing more than a media control tactic to warp our sense of gratification, when really our local economy will thrive and our sense of self-worth will soar when we shop at our neighborhood stores!"

And your little wingman, Cyber Monday, can shove off, too.

Did Small Business Saturday includes technological businesses, too? Info Tech in Federal Way sells computers and parts and will service your device so you don't have to go out and buy a new one and 4th Dimension Computers and Technology in Lacey has been locally owned for more than 15 years and offers deals on not only computers, but ultrabooks, LCD, LED and Plasma TVs.

And there are dozens and dozens of little boutiques, craft fairs, toy shops, galleries and more that provide cuter, classier, more original gifts than your Ballerina Barbie or two-in-one chair massager.

Black Friday, you and your little cohorts can take your long lines, China-made toys, door busting stress and forget about me.

I'm shopping locally on Saturday.


Nikki McCoy

LINK: Shift Your Shopping Tacoma