Michael Jackson Night at Olympia's 1230 Room

By Nikki McCoy on November 1, 2012


"Living the Dream," is an event that benefits South Sound Parent to Parent and Up With Down Syndrome Support Group, both local nonprofit organizations that support individuals and their families with disabilities.

Saturday night a full-on Michael Jackson memory performance will happen at the 1230 Room in Olympia. The MJ performance will be put on by Rhythm Fire School of Music and Performance featuring 19 performers - ranging from a 7-year-old singer to adults - all "living the dream."

The spear header for the event, and I might say star of the show is Dylan Kuehl, a 29-year-old drummer living with Down's syndrome. His mother, Terri Rose, is the events planner and she tells me that Kuehl has been playing drums since he was 3.

"He's been very passionate about playing Michael Jackson. He wanted a whole show. He was relentless about it," adds Rose.

The school, which usually only does a few song performances, finally gave in, and granted the students permission to do 16 songs, with rotating performers.

Kuehl will be lead drummer, but there will also be keyboards, trumpets, electric violin and other instruments.

"It's going to be rich," Rose says, with a smile in her voice.

Ethan Tucker will fill the gaps with reggae and folk tunes.

The event also features a Michael Jackson costume and dance contest with $100 going out to the winners.

Kuehl is also an international award-winning artist. If you bring three cans of food, you score an original Kuehl. You could also win fused glass jewelry by Kuehl as part of a raffle.

[1230 Room, Michael Jackson Memory Band with Ethan Tucker, Saturday, Nov. 3, 6-10 p.m., all ages, $10, 111 Washington St., Olympia]