Weekend hip-hop shows

By Josh Rizeberg on November 23, 2012


Starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it is basically one big awesome weekend. Wednesday night is big party-time because no one works on Thursday, No Thankstaking Day, then it is the weekend. So what to do? Here ya'll go:

One of the more popular new acts of this year is Sky Pilot. It just dropped a brand new video titled, "Everywall." The video looks awesome, and it is bound to have every adolescent emo-listening suburbanite going bananas. Sky Pilot is a multi-genre music outfit. It can do hip-hop and rock music. This song definitely falls into the rock category - but Preston, the lead vocalist, can and does rap pretty darn well in other songs. Ya can catch Sky Pilot and all of its freshman buzz Friday night in Seattle at the Hard Rock Café. Tickets are $10 advanced and $15 at the door. The Hard Rock Café in Seattle is a quality place to catch a show.

Maybe ya would rather drive south than north. OK, that is fine too. In that case, ya can see Cam the Viking, the busiest man in Gonzo as of late. He'll be rocking The Midnight Sun Performance Space Friday night in Olympia. The Midnight Sun is a classic Olympia all-ages, D.I.Y. venue. It does not get more Oly than that place. So go soak-up the 360 hip-hop vibes.

Maybe ya should do it true Oly style and crash on someone's couch down there that night, because Saturday night, ya can catch the other busy man from the Gonzo Family, Abom the Kid. He'll be performing at the Track House in Oly. This is a birthday house party - more of that Oly' vibe. Call Remex for directions, (360) 480-8179.

That is all for 253 hip-hop this weekend. So, drive safe, for-real. There are still lots of drunk, turkey-induced sleepy drivers out there. Peaces My Family!

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