One Love Island Fest coming to Tacoma

By Bobble Tiki on November 21, 2012


Sometimes Bobble Tiki gets irritated. Sometimes it's the rockets red glare over Gaza. Sometimes it's factory pollution in China. Sometimes it's batshit crazy talk, like adding eight cents to barely edible chain pizzas because of health care.

Sometimes it's something else.

Bobble Tiki guesses you could say he has a fair amount of pent-up anger and resentment. Feelings like these don't exactly generate boatloads of friends.

Sometimes Bobble Tiki also gets depressed. Sometimes Bobble Tiki hates himself most of all. It's not as much fun as hating other things, but that doesn't seem to stop him from doing it. Sometimes Bobble Tiki's heart rate slows down, his eyes glaze over, and he feels like staring at the wall for a whole weekend. Bobble Tiki considers this a god given right, but admits it's not the most social activity.

What Bobble Tiki often needs is something to pull him from a particular funk or rut - something to lure him out of his shell, into the world - something that makes him remember the good aspects of interacting with humanity. That something could be reggae.

Bobble Tiki is talking about real reggae. Not streaming out of a little pod while people mull over musty mulled wine, mortifying mistletoe moments and situations involving coats piled up on the bed in a Gore-Tex orgy to make the guests who own them feel unwelcome. Nope, Bobble Tiki is ready for some live reggae ... in public, no less.

Alas! Ben Alaalatoa of BTOA Entertainment will have hangers for coats and four reggae-like bands for your enjoyment Saturday at the Temple Theater: Fiji from Honolulu, Bonafide from Las Vegas, Two Story Zori out of Seattle and Tacoma's own Island Trybe featuring PO Boxx.

Fiji is huge in Hawaii. Bigger than Bobble Tiki. Born George Brooks Veikoso, Fiji lays down an exotic fusion of classic reggae, hip-hop, R&B and jazz, which dials in nice when swaying from a hammock or tossing back Long Island Ice Teas at Moose McGillycuddy's on Maui. Just sayin'. Fiji also performs a mean version of "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay."

When Bonafide isn't riding the gondolas at the Venetian, the Las Vegas band serves up good rhythms infused with sultry base lines coupled with Jr. Rootz gracing each track with his smooth soothing vocals.

What's your story Two Story Zori? Bobble Tiki guesses its four dudes from Guam, one from Hawaii and one from Vietnam, channeling Bob Marley, Natural Vibrations and Tribal Seeds to produce island reggae tunes from its home base of Seattle.

Island Trybe hails from Tacoma, with Guam in its heart, and fuses rap, reggae and R&B with its island musical roots.

Bobble Tiki expects an insane amount of positive vibes at this show - especially with money raised headed toward Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Wasington.