TONIGHT: Southern underground hip-hop on Sixth Avenue

By Josh Rizeberg on November 2, 2012


Know this. You should be launching your post-Halloween festivities tonight at Jazzbones.

I must give it up to that establishment. They have been steadily - probably once a month - been bringing in national hip-hop artists with opening local artists. It is nice to see Jazzbones making an effort to stage hip-hop music - so kudos and thank you.

Tonight, you can see the Southern Underground - underdogs Nappy Roots. Nappy Roots has had one mainstream hit in "Awnaw," its hit from 2009. The band hasn't followed it with a song as popular or catchy, but that is a good thing I would say. Their music has consistently been quality, full of dope Southern hip-hop beats, smart, politically conscious yet Southern lyrics, and a commitment to staying in their lane that is refreshing to see.

Nappy Roots has never tried to sound anything other than what they are - funky country-dudes who make good Hip-Hop.

The band has never jumped on a bandwagon or switched their style.

Each MC is fresh, and they all have a different voice and cadence, making for truly, well-rounded vocals.

Open will be Seattle's Irukandji. It is an underrated funk/hip-hop jam band that does get-down, for real!

The show starts at 8 pm, $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

That will do it folks. There are not many local hip-hop shows this weekend. I guess we are resting and eating candy from earlier this week.

JAZZBONES, FRIDAY, NOV. 2, $10-$15, 2803 SIXTH AVE., TACOMA, 253.396.9169