Movember Madness! Let's see those mustaches!

By Nikki McCoy on November 5, 2012


Movemeber - that cute portmanteau of mustache and November - is in full swing, promoting men's health awareness around the world.

The emphasis is prostate cancer, which, according to, affected more than 2, 300,000 men in the United States in 2008 - more than thyroid, colon and kidney cancers combined. Women diagnosed with breast cancer totaled near 2,600,000 that same year.

Founded in 2004, the Movember Foundation has been launching health awareness campaigns across New Zealand and Australia, and by 2007, across the globe, most notably by encouraging "Mo Bros" to grow mustaches.

The pink ribbon has been around since 1991, it's high time men have an international symbol that gains momentum - Snickers and Foster's beer have both launched Movember ads. The mustache encompasses both manliness and playfulness, acting as the perfect catalyst for a sometimes heavy, taboo topic. 

Men (and women) are praising, and growing mustaches of all types - from the Burt Reynolds to Ringo Starr - to bring attention to other men's health issues as well, including early detection, treatment, diagnosis, awareness of family history and a move toward healthier lifestyles. 

Dudes, the Weekly Volcano wants to see your Movember ‘stache. Women and children: send in whatever - fake mustaches, drawn mustaches, paper mustaches, grandma mustaches! Send a photo of your mustache to

Last week we cruised the streets of Olympia with our Mustache Cam. We posted a few below. For more photos, check out our 2012 South Sound Movember Picture Gallery.

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