Q-Dot, Jon Salt, Ripnt, Onl's B-day bash...it's all good

By Josh Rizeberg on July 11, 2012

Every week I search for the best show involving Tacoma or Tacoma artists, tell ya'll about it, & encourage ya'll to go. There's always a multitude of things to do every weekend. So, I still urge all Hip-Hop Heads to check-out and research the other local events that I don't have room to highlight in these blurbs.

This weekend I've chosen local Media Man, On1's Birthday Bash. This is another Hip-Hop show at Harmon Taproom Underground. With the closure of Hell's Kitchen, The Taproom Underground and the California Club are becoming the go-to venues for live Hip-Hop. The two spots couldn't be more different either. It's a good two-sides to the same coin. If ya like the college-type beer-drinking friendly vibe - then the Underground is yo spot. If you're more into the grit and grime and hood fabulousness that makes Tacoma Tacoma, then the California Club is more for ya. However, ya'll should be like me and get a healthy dose of both spots.

The show at The Taproom this Saturday has performances from Q-Dot, Jon Salt, and Ripynt (from Everett). The show is hosted by Darren Selector of Grit Rock on www.nwczradio.com. It's free to - so I'll see ya'll there!