Top Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Tacoma (In no specific order)

By Steph DeRosa on June 6, 2012

Hoodies are in style here in Washington, year round.  They're comforting and protect you from the elements no matter what the season.  Sadly, even in the month of June.

The same could be said for every person's childhood favorite, the grilled cheese sandwich.  Comforting, yes.  Protect you from the elements?  Absolutely.  After all, other people's seasonal depression is always an element you will have to endure in any public situation, so why not be prepared with a warm grilled cheese in your stomach?

An alternative to your ol' Wonder Bread and Kraft Singles, two Tacoma restaurants top the charts with two of the finest grilled cheese sandwiches in Washington State: Pacific Grill and Stink Cheese & Meat.

Part One: Pacific Grill

Gordon Nacaratto at Pacific Grill serves up his classic grilled cheese (with a twist) on a country sourdough panini, cave-aged Gruyère and vintage white cheddar, tomato chutney & a cup of today's soup for $10.95.  Meat lovers can add imported prosciutto for an extra $1.50

Pacific Grill - 1502 Pacific Avenue,  Tacoma (253) 627-3535