Team Weekly Volcano wins Tap Into T-Town

By Steph DeRosa on June 4, 2012

A couple of weeks ago myself, Kris Blondin, Jennifer Johnson and Bandito Betty graced the cover of Weekly Volcano in honor of the world's greatest scavenger hunt, Tap into T-Town.

After much preparation and reconnaissance, Team Volcano took first place this past weekend at the 2012 Tap into T-Town event, and we could not be any more full of utter glee.

Months before the event our team was hitting the gym to increase jogging stamina.  We were also banking extra points by attending registration events and putting ourselves on the Weekly Volcano cover. Drawing business maps of 6th Avenue and downtown Tacoma, strategizing our day-of-event-routes, paying attention to Facebook hints and keeping our nose to the ground when it came to potential helpful information came in extra handy when it was finally "go time".

We were in it to win it, and did everything we could to learn from our 2010 Tap into T-Town mistakes.  Team Volcano jogged 90% and utilized said preparation while strategizing our win.  We had it down to a science and it paid off.

Apart from the seriousness of our "winning" mentality, Team Volcano (along with 68 other amazing teams) had a tremendous blast this past weekend, and to prove it I've pirated some team pictures from Tap into T-Town's Facebook page.