Part Two: Stink Cheese and Meat

By Steph DeRosa on June 6, 2012

Always putting a stink-themed twist on all her comfort food classics (including the most fantastic mac ‘n' cheese you've ever had), Stink owner Kris Blondin secures this grilled cheese win with weekly changes to her grilled cheese sandwich.

Pictured above is a Tillamook cheddar layered with a sugar/cinnamon oven roasted Granny Smith apple.  Stink also serves up their Monte Stinko which holds layers of turkey, ham, Swiss, cheddar and blackberry jelly with powdered sugar on top.

Another popular Stink grilled cheese will soon be a mainstay on their menu: Stink Reuben.  This sandwich boasts Lebanon Balogna, provolone, balsamic marinated strawberries and Havarti.

STINK Cheese & Meat - 628 St. Helens Avenue, Tacoma (253) 426-1347