MORNING SPEW: Twilight Criterium vs. Downtown, booze bidders, DogTV ...

By Volcano Staff on April 20, 2012


Downer Downtown: Organizer of Twilight Criterium moves Tacoma bike race to Proctor District because of streets and chilly business owners. (News Tribune)

Booze Bidders: The winning bidder or bidders of the online auction of state-run liquor stores will be announced Monday morning. (News Tribune)

Section 57 Of The British Terrorism Act In Action: Terrorism suspicions lead to three arrests at Heathrow. (The New York Times)

RIP: Levon Helm. (USA Today)

Martha Stewart: She has a new cooking show on PBS. (Grub Street)

DogTV: Man's best friend wants cable. (Time)

Fat In Foods: Seven eats with more fat than a stick of butter. (Huffington Post)

Must Watch: Golden Balls contestant wins with most ballsy move ever. (Gawker)

Squeeze This!: A cultural history of the accordion in America. (Pop Matters)