Hell yes we attend Columbia Bank commercial tapings

By J.M. Simpson on April 16, 2012


Priceless cars and a simple but elegant LeMay America's Car Museum set the mood for one of Columbia Bank's Blue Couch tapings, in which real customers kick back on the bank's iconic blue couch as tell it how it is.

"It's unscripted," commented Stacia Allen, a spokeswoman for GreenRubino, the bank's advertising agency, during yesterday's taping at LeMay.

Columbia Bank senior vice president of marketing, David Devine nodded his head in agreement.

"Simple, beautiful, well-crafted," he added.

The focus of the Blue Couch taping was the museum's CEO David Madeira and COO Paul Miller. The Blue Couch campaign launches next month.

As employees for NorthXNorthwest set up lights, cameras and sound equipment for the commercial, the chemistry between the museum's leaders was clear and simple.

The taping went smoothly and crisply - both Madeira and Miller clearly had fun.

"This was great, just great," commented Devine.

LINK: More photos from the shoot