Jooley Heaps and Jason McKibbin to open Poison Apple in Tacoma

By Kristin Kendle on March 23, 2012


Very soon, a change will be upon downtown Tacoma. Box Top Vintage, a store we all know and love, will transform into something new. Something strange, and yet welcomed.

"It's all true. The rumors you've heard are true," says Jooley Heaps, owner of Box Top Vintage.

It will become a new store called Poison Apple, headed up by Heaps and Jason McKibbin, lead singer of I Defy and all around comic book guru. This dynamic duo is shaking up Tacoma's gift shop scene with Heaps's sense of novelty and McKibbin's knack for nerdiness.

"Poison Apple will be Tacoma's newest pop culture hotspot," says McKibbin.

The change will bring even more novelty retail, expanding Box Top's selection and augmenting it with vintage comics, toys, vinyl records, movie posters, out-of-print horror VHS, local music CDs, DVDs, and also gaming supplies.

"I will be bringing a whole new dimension in nerdom to the City of Destiny," says McKibbin.

But why change, faithful fans of Box Top may ask.

"I've sold vintage for about 17 years. Personally I'm just done with it," says Heaps. "If something stops being inspiring or fun or you're not super devoted to it anymore, change it. I've had fun novelties and retail for a while and I enjoy selling that more, so I wanted to branch out and go from there."

Heaps has plans to add more wacky products as Poison Apple really gets going, including everything from fun greeting cards to retro candy. Box Top already carried some Archie McPhee items, zombie stuff, and more - many of these items will be back in full force at Poison Apple.

While Box Top Vintage had occasional events, plans are in the works to have regular, scheduled events and perhaps something like a free comic book day each week. Scheduled events may include arts happenings, or writer or band signings.

Jason and I know a lot of people," says Heaps. "So say a band is coming to play Hell's Kitchen; we'll have them do a signing over here. There's so much we can do to really take advantage of our location."

"We are starting small, but plan on building Poison Apple into a giant corporation to be idolized by screaming throngs of rabid fanboys and girls," says McKibbin.

There is no specific date for Poison Apple's opening day yet, but keep an eye out for more details, coming soon to a Facebook fan page near you. Once a date is announced, soon after will follow an announcement for a grand opening party, and great celebrations punctuated by light refreshments will ensue.

The target date for this revelry is the beginning of April. The store may be closed for a few days before the grand opening.

"As we get closer to the opening time, we may butcher paper the windows for a few days until we get it all together - to build the excitement!" says Heaps.

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