VOLCANO MUSIC: The Foghorns, Bruce Leroy, Devil on a Leash, Ravenna Woods and more ...

By Volcano Staff on December 1, 2011

The Weekly Volcano never sleeps. It's true ... or very close to true. We average only a few hours of shut-eye a night, be it because we're compulsive insomniacs who wake up several times a night just to check their fantasy football lineups (Matt Driscoll), or simply because there's just so much to do.

Included in all this doing? As always, another shining installment of the Weekly Volcano music section.

We wouldn't lie. You better believe we managed to pump out another stellar Weekly Volcano music section - your every Thursday chance at the best in local music coverage.

Here's a look at the sonic goodness coming at you in print and online in this week's Volcano ...


The Foghorns sound exhausted. Like, physically exhausted. Delirious. They sound like they've been up for two days and the only way they've found to keep their eyes open is to have a series of sing-alongs that sound, at various times, punchy, wistful, embarrassingly forthright, spiteful, defiant, sorrowful and oddly exuberant. In their manner of languidly drifting folk songs delivered by questionable narrators, the Foghorns often resemble Lambchop, minus the lush orchestration. And plus buckets.

Hailing from Seattle, by way of Brooklyn, by way of Reykjavik, by way of Wisconsin, the Foghorns have clearly picked up some odd influences from desolate places. Using country and folk as a bed, the band adorns its songs with borrowed sounds from punk, new wave, zydeco and Hawaiian music, all tinged with a lo-fi style that can bring to mind Old World field recordings or outsider artists like Daniel Johnston. ... -- Rev. Adam McKinney


Next up we have Bruce Leroy. This local artist just dropped two EPs almost back-to-back. Of course, the two albums are five and six songs each, so it probably could've been one album, but they're free so who are we to complain? On Halloween Bruce released To the Death, and on Black Friday Leroy released Black Everyday.

Leroy is a dope MC with a crisp, clear, flow and shades of darkness and grime in his voice. He's a talented MC who is a lot of fun to listen to. There's just enough humor and angst in his flows to keep your attention while ya sit on the edge of your-seat waiting for the next slightly violent rhyme to drip from his chops. Leroy has the certain vibe that the blogs are digging. ... -- Josh Rizeberg


Have you ever seen the look on someone's face the first time he rides a roller coaster? It's a mixture of abject fear, exhilaration and satisfaction. This same convoluted look might grace your mug standing in front of Devil On a Leash Friday night at Hell's Kitchen.

Bobble Tiki urges you to blow off some serious steam with twice as many drinks as you all can handle with Devil On a Leash. This band rocks, and rocks it in a roller coaster way. It's an up-and-down ride in terms of their sound. The band changes its style of rock within a set more than the City of Tacoma changes its mind on policy. That said, its heavy guitars remain a constant base. ... -- Bobble Tiki


Celebrated in indie circles for a percussion driven approach to the hipster folky shit that's considerably more gray and foreboding than the overpopulated genre usually allows, Ravenna Woods - while orbiting many contemporary indie clichés - offers the kind of creativity and originality that keeps live music interesting. Saturday's show at the Space is the first in a string of fundraising events for the non-profit all-ages venue, according proprietor Athena Hitson. ... -- Matt Driscoll


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