MORNING SPEW: Don't swear at PLU, Mailin not mailing it in, exploding cocktails set to Beastie Boys music ...

By Volcano Staff on December 3, 2011


Up For Debate: Pacific Lutheran University's student newspaper website shutdown due to potty language. (News Tribune)

Malin Not Mailing It In: Davenport, Iowa City Manager still intereste din City of Tacoma Manager job. (News Tribune)

Fun To Say, Dangerous To Eat: Ocean Spray expands Craisins recall. (

Tacoma Bath Bombs: Oprah loves them. (News Tribune)

Evil Craigslist: More than 100 people in Ohio responded to a Craigslist ad asking them to "watch over a 688 acre patch of hilly farmland and feed a few cows." Some of them are buried in shallow graves. (New York Times)

GOP Focus Groups: GOP voters in a Virginia focus group say they have not warmed to Mitt Romney, are worried about Newt Gingrich's volatility and have all but dismissed Herman Cain. (CNN)

Best Toys Of All Time: Stick, dirt ... (Wired)

Maybe This Shall Destroy Them Both: Anne Hathaway vs. Jessica Biel. (Celebitchy)

Beautiful slo-mo footage of exploding cocktails

Phantom Cocktails from Ty Migota on Vimeo.