MORNING SPEW: Shift Your Shopping, city budget chat, "History of Rap 3" ...

By Volcano Staff on November 1, 2011


Last Night's Amber Alert: Suspect in custody, baby safe. (News Tribune)

Shift Your Shopping: Tacoma joins the national campaign. (Santa Says Blog)

Flippin' Nippon: Pilot error causes plane to 737-700 to fly upside down. (Seattle Times)

Today: Tacoma City Council will hear an overview of what it could do to bridge the $25.7 million budget shortfall. (News Tribune)

Greek To Many: Greece shocked European leaders by calling for a national referendum on its debt bailout. If Greece rejects the deal, it could rattle the global financial system. (CNN)

History Of Rap 3: Timberlake and Fallon down again. (NY Daily News)

Red Vines: Not just for sticking between your teeth. (Dangerous Minds)

Dumb: Tubing behind a car on a hurricane flooded street. (TruTV)

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