MORNING SPEW: Holiday events, Shift Your Shopping, Facebook VW van ...

By Volcano Staff on November 25, 2011


Holiday Events And Gifts: All in one glorious spot. (Weekly Volcano)

Grinches: They're stealing copper wire in Tacoma. (News Tribune)

Shift Your Shopping: Go Local Tacoma joins the national campaign. (Weekly Volcano)

Kamal Ganzouri Is Back: The former prime minister under President Hosni Mubarak was given his old job back today. (CNN)

Ewww: The eight germiest spots in a mall. (CNN)

Thank Gawd: Someone else read the Kardashian's novel so we don't have to. (FourFour)

We Love The Bendy Straw: An awesome article about the invention of the Bendy Straw. (The Atlantic)

Prank Of The Day: An oldie but goodie. (BroBible)

LIKE: Fanwagon Facebook car by Volkswagen. (Design Boom)

The World's Largest Thing Of The Day: Gummy Bear. (The Daily What)