New Tacoma retail kitchen and gourmet food store opens

By Ron Swarner on November 10, 2011


Jack Noble has his head so wrapped around the opening of his new retail kitchen store in Tacoma's Triangle District he didn't notice I was taking hits off his soy latte. Noble, along with business partner Kris Blondin, have opened Füdie next door to their über deli, STINK Cheese & Meat. In fact, they blew a hole through the wall and mirrored STINK's color scheme in the new store, which also sells gourmet food, wine and beer.

We'll ignore the fact I didn't realize I was drinking the wrong coffee.

Noble bounced through different emotions as he swept, arranged and wiped. He's proud to open small businesses in downtown Tacoma. A strong sense of community pride drives the ventures of he and Blondin undertake. A smile dominates as he adjusts local and European beer labels so they're facing forward. There's even a skip to Noble's step as he straightens the mini whisks, spatulas and tongs next to the front counter. However, he's slightly sad a few of his gourmet spotlight items are stuck in a truck somewhere in New York. He believes the few empty spots on the shelves will burst with color by the weekend.

"I'm thrilled to offer downtown denizens, and those traveling to the suburbs, the opportunity to buy gourmet food products, top-of-the-line kitchen tools, a nice bottle of wine and hard to find beers," Noble says.

Those familiar with the wine and beer sold at STINK will delight at Füdie's variety. Just eyeing it, I'd say the amount of wine and beer has grown 10 times, including Shafer Cabs, Merryvale and Rex Hill Pinots, Novelty Hill Merlot, Italian Chianti, French reds and whites, port, sparkling, and an impressive large bottle beer selection, including Hales El Jefe Weizen and Supergoose IPA, and Fish Tales Organic IPA.

The gourmet treats include Island Troller albacore from Whidbey Island, Nikki's shortbreads (Meyer lemon and maple syrup), Bissinger's liquor cups, Matiz Gallego sardines in olive oil and much more.

"Kris says Tacoma can now eat pommes frites," Noble says, pointing to the jars of Rougie Duck Fat.

The 1000-square-foot store is airy and modern, anchored by a 12-foot thick farm table, where Blondin and Noble will host wine and beer tastings.

Besides the mini kitchen tools, Füdie carries typical-size kitchen utensils and accessories from Epicurean, Progressive, Danesco and Further.

Ignoring the new wide entryway into Füdie, not much has changed on the STINK side. A new menu will roll out in three weeks with quiches, stratas and other comfort food. All the popular dishes will remain.

Füdie's front sign isn't up yet. The logo's backdrop is that of a pineapple, the international symbol for hospitality.

The hours match STINK's - 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, open until 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Sunday hours may soon be added.

[Füdie, Sixth and St. Helens Ave., 253.426.1347]

LINK: STINK Cheese & Meat