253 - one square at a time

By Bobble Tiki on October 2, 2011


As part of this year's Arts Crush event, the 253 Arts Collective is creating an Art Quit to represent the diverse 253 area. If you're an artist located anywhere in the 253 area, you're invited to contribute your original 4-inch by 4-inch art square to be incorporated into this community quilt.

If Bobble Tiki did the math correctly, that's 16 square inches of you versus Grit City!

The 253 Collective will host a "creative session" today from noon to 5 p.m. at in its lobby at 1901 S. Jefferson St. across from The Swiss.

Bobble Tiki is definitely going because he doesn't understand how quilting has survived, although he's thrilled that is has.  It's one thing living on a prairie in the middle of a dust storm - what else are you going to do?  But in modern times, how does anyone find the time to do all that work?  Especially since we have Angry Birds?

LINK: Arts Crush