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September 2, 2011 at 7:20am

Blog series: Something special going on

10 YEARS. 10. YEARS. >>>

According to the Tacoma Arts Commission, 10 institutions, individuals and ideas born around a decade ago have made a clear impact on Tacoma - around the same time TAC launched its Arts at Work month program. In celebration, TAC initiated a "10 in 10" series on its Tacoma Arts blog focusing on 10 things created 10 years ago that helped make Tacoma the progressive urban center it is today.

A few of the 10 have been named and examined on said blog:

Tacoma Reads Together: "Tacoma Reads Together is T-town's version of a literary potluck."

Tacoma School of the Arts: "... five hundred 15 to 18 year olds ‘going to work' each day in downtown Tacoma [bring] creative energy, fresh perspective and a little lunch money" into town."

UW-Tacoma's Urban Studies Program: "It is the only such program in the state, offering Bachelor Degrees in both urban studies as well as the new Sustainable Urban Development Program."

Hmmm, I know an alt. weekly born 10 years ago in Grit City.

LINK: Tacoma Arts blog

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September 2, 2011 at 8:14am

MORNING SPEW: Slow the eff down, Elks pooh-bah says Wal-Mart is a go, TV marathons and more ...


For The Kids: Tacoma Police fire up their start-of-school enforcement plan. (News Tribune)

Tacoma Elks Pooh-Bah Chimes In: Don't mess with our Wal-Mart. (News Tribune)

No Growth In August?: There goes the stock market. (CNN)

Dumb Idea: Only rich, dumb jerks want to be cryogenically frozen. (TruTV)

Reaching: New Bond film revealed. (Paste Magazine)

Because TV Networks Execs Blaze Town: Labor Day TV marathons. (TV Tango)

The Good, The Bad And The Funky: Tom Tom Club is working on new music. (Billboard)

Sonic Not-So-Youth: Check out Thurston Moore on Letterman. (Pitchfork)

September 2, 2011 at 9:28am

5 THINGS TO DO TODAY: Private party with Weird Tigers, "25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee," Ocho Pies and more ...

The brothers Fuller head to Oly tonight.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 2, 2011 >>>

1. No good Tacoman worth their salt passes up a chance at a "private party," even if it's just being billed as such for legal reasons. More importantly, no good Tacoman wastes an opportunity to catch outdoor late-summer barbecue action backed by bands Hands of Toil, Weird Tigers (members of Blanco Bronco and Durango 95) and special guests (READ: Pioneers West, who may be leaving on tour soon, according to hype). It's just a no-brainier. Luckily, today The New Frontier Lounge is getting into the private party business, hosting all the aforementioned awesomeness on an outdoor stage. Are you invited? Of course you are. It may be private, but anyone over the age of 21 is encouraged to come out and have fun. Dig into some barbecue, your new favorite band Weird Tigers, and all the local goodness that makes this town bearable. But be warned: It's BYOB. 

2. A few weeks ago we highly recommended a play about stamps (Mauritius). This week, we're back at it, throwing our weight behind The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, a Tony award-winning musical taking to the Tacoma Little Theatre stage three weeks starting tonight. Billed as, "tender and sardonic," not to mention "hilarious," and irreverent," The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, directed by Suzy Willhoft, should be totally excellent. Excellent: e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t. Excellent.

3. Ocho Pies returns to the Waterstreet Café tonight at 7 p.m., in celebration of the final days of summer. Yeah. Summer. That's a good one. But even though the weather has disappointed this year, Connie Bunyer, Steve Luceno, Paul Hjelm and Michael Olson - collectively Ocho Pies - most certainly won't.

4. Ben and Ted Fuller take time away from their band China Davis to perform tonight at The Spar in Olympia. The action starts at 8 p.m.

5. Comedian Sharon Lacey will deliver the laughs tonight at Tacoma's Grit City Comedy Club, starting at 9 p.m.

LINK: Arts and entertainment events in the South Sound

LINK: Live music tonight in the South Sound

September 2, 2011 at 12:26pm

Tacoma's Central Neighborhood Council opposes Elks site development


Never assume Central Tacoma folks are less passionate about the city of Tacoma's special character than North and South Tacoma neighborhoods. Tacoma's Central Neighborhood Council has done themselves activist-proud the past year, rapidly mobilizing a passionate and intelligent public outcry against the digital billboards and abandoned shopping carts - and now the development at the Tacoma Elks Lodge Site.

As you may of heard, Wal-Mart plans to build a 150,000-square-foot store on the Central Tacoma Elks site despite the Tacoma City Council's moratorium on big-box stores.

Tacoma's Central Neighborhood Council is not happy.

Yesterday at its Sept. 1 monthly meeting the CNC unanimously passed a resolution opposing large-scale retail development at the Elks Lodge property.

According to CNC Secretary Justin Leighton, the CNC's major concerns with the development - besides the obvious increase in traffic hell at 23rd and Union - is the economic hit to local businesses.

"If this city is serious about protecting small business interest, building a sustainable market and protecting family wage employees then this city needs to stand up, stand strong and be bold in our actions," Leighton says. "Wal-Mart has not afforded this city any of that and that is clear and apparent in their actions thus far with trying to quietly sneak this by.  If it was not for strong questions by (Tacoma) City Council Members Mello and Fey at EPW last week and the CNC's vigor at public records request and shaking this to light we would not even know about it today." 

The CNC would rather see a mixed-use center with residential and commercial elements on the Elks property.

A large single purpose retail store with surface parking will not benefit the neighborhood," commented Tricia DeOme, CNC chair in a release.  

What's CNC's next move?

"We will continue to public records the city to insure all things are coming to light," explains Leighton.  "We want to make sure the city adheres to all the policies its in acting including the Mobility Master Plan, the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Improvement plans."

"Wal-Mart will hurt business," he continues. "They will not draw in a new market place they will just try and shift it from one to the other which as we indicated in our release is pure market saturation and lacks market diversity."

According to Leighton, the CNC encourages the other seven neighborhood councils in Tacoma, community groups, business district associations and neighbors to join them in this opposition.  

LINK: Central Neighborhood Council website

September 2, 2011 at 12:59pm

TACOMA WEEK IN REVIEW: Rocked us like a hurricane

Nearly 85,000 un-validated signatures have been turned in to recall Pierce County Assessor Treasurer Dale Washam. Photo credit: Facebook


It was a whirlwind week in the greater Tacoma area. In his column this week, Weekly Volcano scribe Zach Powers discusses the Tacoma School Distric battle, the Medical Marijuana Task Force roster, the medical pot moratorium public hearing, the latest from the Dale Washam Recall Army camp and the Wal-Mart drama.

To read Powers column, click here.

September 2, 2011 at 1:46pm

Berlin art show at Bob's Java Jive


When the Weekly Volcano thinks Berlin and art, we naturally think of Bob's Java Jive - our little coffee pot-shaped dive bar on South Tacoma Way.

Bauhaus. Edward Munch. Pabst.

OK, we don't. But art curator Zoe Miller does.

"I am doing the show at the Jive because it's probably one of my favorite places in America, and because the concept of my website, Galerie Europa, is to do shows in strange, unexpected places, that are a far cry from the white cube," explains Miller, a resident of Berlin.

Miller will curate a pop-up show featuring young artists from Berlin inside Bob's Java Jive tonight through Sunday. The show is entitled "Ornament and Crime."

"The show will feature drawings and videos by some of Berlin's most fascinating emerging artists: Andreas Arndt,? Charlotte Arnold, ?Daniela Bellm,? Silvia Berger, Ole Hartmann, ?Rouven Schmitt Hersfeld,? Bettina Krieg,? Fee Kleiß,?Laura Lesser,? Wolfgang Lugmair,? Nina Montini,? Yps Roth,? Katrin Rother, Marlene Stark, ?Marlon Wobst and ?Ulrich Wulff," says Miller.

"Ornament and Crime"

Friday, Sept. 2-Sunday, Sept. 4, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Bob's Java Jive, 2102 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma

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September 2, 2011 at 2:40pm

Tacoma Film Festival 2011 official schedule released

The film "Heart Breaks Open" - about model queer activist and poet Jesus (Maximillian Davis) - plays Friday, Oct. 7 at The Grand Cinema.


For the past week and a half I've been designing the official program for the 2011 Tacoma Film Festival, which will be held at multiple Tacoma venues Oct. 6-13. I've read all the film bios, discovered all the filmmakers who will be in town, know which films are local and laughed out loud at a few of the photos.

Festival Director Emily Alm just threw the TFF film schedule out to the public. If I didn't have to completely redesign page 19 of the program I'd go into detail about the fall film festival.

Instead, here's the link the film schedule. Have at it.

It's going to be awesome.

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September 2, 2011 at 3:32pm


Losing Tui is enough to make anyone want a smoke.


Now that my prediction has come true and the Tacoma Rainiers (69-71) have officially been eliminated from playoff contention by those pesky North Division rivals the Reno Aces, we can move on from worrying about the Rainiers' record. We can talk about bigger and better things.

Or, as is the case this week, bigger and sadder things.

Tacoma Rainiers' everyman and downright stud, Matt Tuiasosopo, has been released from the team. I'll say it again:

 Matt Tuiasosopo is no longer a Tacoma Rainier.

In this world of fast-paced, highly-sophisticated sports media, it's hard to tell who broke the news about Tui being released. But regardless of who broke the news, Rainiers' announcer Mike Curto said it best over at his blog:

"Obviously, this is big news here. Tui has been in the Mariners system since 2004 and he has strong ties with our coaching staff. Daren Brown, who has managed Tuiasosopo for five years, had to give him the news. It was an emotional day for many in the clubhouse here."

Yesterday was an emotional day in the clubhouse and an emotional day for many around Tacoma. Tui has long been a city-staple. He was a strong, dependable force in Tacoma's infield. He was always good at catching a hard hit ball and, before this year, was always a star at the plate.

Unfortunately for Tui, his skills never translated well while in a Mariners' uniform, perhaps leading to his release from the Rainiers.

"I saw some things I liked this spring," said Mariners' manager Eric Wedge (on Geoff Baker's blog). "But it just wasn't consistent."

We here at the Weekly Volcano have poked fun at Tui from time to time. But it has always been with love. We poked fun knowing how good of a player he could be, and knowing how well liked he was around the community.  We hope to see him continue to play ball and we'd once again love to see him in a Rainiers' uniform (Mariners' general manager Jack Z. tweeted that he wants Tui to attend M's spring training).

Or out of a Rainiers' uniform. Asides from missing Tui's on-field capabilities, we'll also miss his stunning good looks. Even when he wasn't hitting this year, he still wasn't hard on the eyes. 

And that's something that's not easy to replace.

Notes ...

-Speaking of Rainiers who were once released by the Rainiers only to come back, starting pitcher Luke French threw a solid game last night. French went seven innings, giving up three runs on six hits and striking out seven. After an abysmal first half, French's stock continues to rise as he improves to 9-9 on the year. Nice work, French. Unfortunately, you don't have the face of our Tui.

-Tonight will be starting pitcher Chris Seddon's last game of the season. Seddon, who is 9-6 on the year, looks to bump his win column up into the double digits, thus making his win column more closely match the length of his hair in inches.

-Last night, Rainiers' outfielder Carlos Peguero homered in his first game back off the DL. He also walked for the first time in 80 at-bats. The first walk in 80 at-bats? You know when managers preach plate discipline and patience? We wonder if Peguero ever listens.

The Rainiers host the Fresno Grizzlies tonight at 7:05 p.m.. Tonight will also be the last Friday Night Fireworks of the season; a fun fact dampened by the knowledge that Matt Tuiasosopo will not be on the bench to watch them go off.

FYI- Tui always loved the colors blue and red.

LINK: The "Rainiers Minute" collection

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September 2, 2011 at 5:07pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Genuine concern


Today's comment comes from Normal Tigers in response to this week's Better Living Through Music, which features a preview of tonight's "private party" with music from the band Weird Tigers, Hands of Toil and Pioneers West.

Normal Tigers writes,

I'm worried about Weird Tigers. All they know how to do is hurt people in the feelings all day. Also, I heard at least one of them doesn't have any hair on his body..

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September 3, 2011 at 8:16am

MORNING SPEW: Club 420 denied its stash, awesome foodie apps, "Crap at my Parent's House" and more ...


Cards Stacked Against Tacoma Pot Dispensary: Superior Court Judge will not allow Club 420 to snatch confiscated marijuana. (News Tribune) The Weekly Volcano wrote a detailed piece on medical marijuana in Pierce County during the time of the drug raid on Club 420.

Tacoma Week In Review: No strike for teachers (no contract either), more on medical marijuana, and saying "no" to Wal-Mart. (Weekly Volcano)

Shocking: A UK study says suicide bombers in Iraq have killed 12,000 civilians since the war began. (Guardian)

Far Out Man: The Coen brothers are working on a movie about the '60s folk scene. (Rolling Stone)

Hey Foodies!: There are some awesome apps on the iPhone. (Time)

Hey-Hey-Hey: A dude reviews the outfit choices of The Cosby Show characters. One episode at a time. (Huxtable Hotness)

Ha!: "Crap at my Parent's House." (boing boing)

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