Today in Grooming: Supernova Barbershop

By Joshua Swainston on May 18, 2011


Why would you pay $25 for a shave when you can do it yourself? It's a luxury.  It's a manly way to be pampered. It's grooming nostalgia in the best way possible. Why buy clothes when you can stitch them yourself? Or why pay for food when you can farm yourself? 

Because there are talented people available who are artists at what they do.

Last July the Supernova Barbershop somewhat inconspicuously opened at 632 St. Helens Avenue, an offshoot of the original Supernova Hair and Tattoo on Division Street. Initially, the Supernova/Satellite partnership of Donny Hales (drummer for the band Zeke), wife Jana Lencioni-Hales and Pat Brown were not looking to expand to another location, but through a series of unexpected events the Supernova Barbershop materialized.

"It went so easily. We had it in two weeks," Hales explains excitedly. "When things go A, B, C without any struggle, it was meant to be."

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[Supernova Barbershop, 632 St Helens, Tacoma, Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays by appointment, 253.572.9977]