NXNW Metal Fest coming to Uncle Sam's this July

By Matt Driscoll on May 3, 2011


Few things epitomize the Tacoma experience like three days full of open-air metal and beer in Spanaway.

Luckily, the NXNW Metal Fest - organized by "Lonnie Local" and coming to Uncle Sam's Bar & Grill in Spanaway July 22-24 -- knows this all to well.

According to Local, over 40 area metal bands are scheduled to appear at the all-ages NXNW Metal Fest (and, no, he's not too worried about jacking the "NXNW" tag from the deceased Portland festival of years past), though still more are needed.

"In my opinion Tacoma has the strongest metal community in the state," says Local. "I'm expecting over 3,000 heads at the fest."

According to NXNW Metal Fest's Facebook page, the following bands are scheduled to perform. Local is encouraging are metal bands interested in performing to contact him.

Super Happy Story Time Land
Keeping Secrets
Monsters Scare You
We Were Dreamers
From Deeper Seas
They Charge Like Warriors
I Delilah
Ellis Armor
Crowd War
Plague ships
It Was Written in the Sky
Dead Pilots (slc)
Dismember the Dream
Spare Me Poseidon
Doom of Babylon
Jean Grey (PDX)
The Fool (PDX)
Black Heart Blight
Curse of the North
Devils Of Loudon
Deathbed Confessions
Osama Bin Rockin
Corpus Mortem
Blood and Thunder
Seize the Sun
The Scarlett Escape
This is Treason
Shatter The Sky
A Solemn Goodbye
I Defy
A City Screams in Terror
Ground Level Vertigo

Check here for more details.