THREE QUESTIONS with Bobble Tiki: SweetKiss Momma

By Bobble Tiki on March 25, 2011


This week Bobble Tiki caught up with SweetKiss Momma, a band that's been gaining steady local ground over the last year or more (thanks in small part to Volcano editor Matt Driscoll's man crush on them). Rooted in the ethos of "Southern Rock," and passionate enough about it to not come off like total tools from Puyallup just trying to get laid by chicks that love Skynyrd (goes a long way in P-Town, Bobble Tiki imagines), SweetKiss is a band seemingly defying the odds at the moment - gaining a following and going places on the back of the tunes, not the internet hype or hashtags.

There's plenty going on with the SweetKiss boys, including new members and new shows, so Bobble Tiki might as well let lead singer Jeff Hamel tell you all about it ...

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[Stonegate Pizza, SweetKiss Momma, with Astrovan, Saturday, March 26, 9 p.m., $5, 5419 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma]