Movie Biz Buzz: 2011 and beyond

By Christopher Wood on January 3, 2011


We had some times in 2010, you and I, times indeed. The nerds had their revenge this year for sure: We watched an ever-wimpy Michael Cera inexplicably annihilate his girlfriend's legion of almighty exes (epic!). We witnessed socially inept Jesse Eisenberg (Hollywood's "other" Michael Cera) build a web empire further downgrading face-to-face human interaction (like!). We even went toe-to-claw with predators alongside a chiseled Adrien Brody (mediocre!).

Yes, not every film we streamed, downloaded, bootlegged and, as a last resort, saw in a theater this year spelled "instant classic;" True Grit didn't fully live up to the hype, and I won't start on Jonah Hex. The industry has yet to reclaim the greatness of its golden age, which I have incontrovertibly traced back to 1999, a magical year that brought the world The Matrix, Fight Club, Blair Witch and others.

Oh yeah, I just said "Blair *expletive* Witch." What?

But it appears Tinseltown will stay the safe, predictable course in 2011. The adapted comic craze (or graphic novel, if you will, Lord Fancyknickers) still hasn't gone away, as evidenced by recent trailers for Green Hornet, Green Lantern, and *sigh* Thor. And Nick Cage still has to convince us of his action star credentials with next week's Season of the Witch, not to mention the forthcoming Drive Angry.

But maybe we'll get a few surprises thrown our way. Who knows?

Enjoy a new year of the same old same, cinephiles.

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