TFF Sniff 2010: today's films

By Volcano Staff on October 9, 2010


"His name is Chris Sand. He grew up in Ronan, Montana on the Flathead Reservation.  He now lives in a house in Dunn Center that he bought for $1,000.  He's a truck driver when he has work, which he currently does not.  He has a bulging disc in his back from a lifetime on the farm.  He's also one of the most original and inventive musicians anywhere.  He's a cowboy who raps." Weekly Volcano scribe Mark Thomas Deming wrote this paragraph as part of an interview he did with Chris "Sandman" Sands in 2009.

Filmmaker Elizabeth Lawrence grabbed a camera and documented the life of this rapper who looks like Woody Guthrie but sings like Dr. Dre. The resulting film, Roll Out, Cowboy, screens tonight at 8:15 p.m. inside The Grand Cinema as part of the 2010 Tacoma Film Festival.

Also on the TFF docket today are family shorts, documentary shorts, the Academy Awards nominated The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner, late night shorts and much more. Click here for today's full schedule.

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