Tacoma medical marijuana update

By Matt Driscoll on October 19, 2010


Moments ago Weekly Volcano reporter Paul Schrag reported back from the regularly scheduled Tacoma City Council meeting, saying the council just announced it was withdrawing the cease and desist orders served to all Tacoma medical marijuana dispensaries late last week. Apparently, according to the council, they're deferring their decision until spring with the intention of allowing the state legislature to clarify current medical marijuana laws before taking action.

Schrag reports a massive cheer erupted from the crowd, which he estimates at about 300 people - most of whom he says where there to speak out against the shutdown of Tacoma's medical marijuana dispensaries. Originally, based on last week's cease and desist orders from Tacoma's tax and licensing division, Tacoma medical marijuana dispensaries were told they'd be forced to close by Oct. 24.

Stay tuned.

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