By Matt Driscoll on October 8, 2010


As the weekend approaches, undoubtedly most people have two things on their mind.

Number one: What am I going to do with myself given two days of freedom?

Number two: Why hasn't Brett Favre ever sent ME pictures of his apparently average manhood?

Luckily, The Prefunk is here - a primer for you and your liver to the coming weekend (with a picture of an alcoholic household pet thrown in for good measure). It's guaranteed to help you answer at least one of those questions.


Saturday, Oct. 9

Honestly, through some of the tough times, when Tacoma was low on jokes and our papers were thin, Crescent Moon Gifts almost singlehandedly kept us going. It seems like if we're ever down, Crescent Moon always has a fairy convention or elfin tarot card reading to lift us back up.

This Saturday, Crescent Moon on Sixth Avenue hosts the first annual "A Magickal Masquerade." Yes, that's "Magickal" with an "ick" - but don't get the wrong impression here, buddy. This thing's going to be boffo - more than your run-of-the-mill fantastical get-together.

Here's a sweet taste of the hype:

Join the Goblin King and his band of disloyal subjects within the faerie realms for an evening of dark enchantment at the 1st annual Magickal Masquerade.

Be you one of the noble fae court, an elemental, elf or even traveller from a distant time & place, all are welcome to make merry with a night full of music, dance, entertainment, shopping, food & prizes!

The King has just a few simple requests: You are of age 18+, clothed in appropriate attire (costumes or formal wear and a mask required), and display a sincere desire to have fun!

At this point, after reading all of that, I honestly don't see how you could not be excited. That said, maybe there are still a few "disloyal subjects" of the "Goblin King" out there that still have some questions.

Luckily, upon scrolling down - which also acts as the official Magickal Masquerade website - the situation is clarified by a woman known as Angela (most likely Angela Wehnert, Crescent Moon's owner), obviously given authority to speak on behalf of the Goblin King.

This is a costumed event and a mask is required! (Formal attire is also acceptable). The theme of the might is magickal fantasy so really anything goes- sultry vampire? time travelling steampunk? tricky pixie? You never know who'll/what you'll encounter in the realm!

We have a DJ, so expect dancing for sure! Music will span 80's, 90' & current, with some Faerieworlds type bands from Germany added in :)

There will be lots of types of dessert treats, beverages & light snacks, so eat dinner first, but room for goodies!

It is an 18 and over non-alcohol event, however there are plenty of nearby establishments to grab dinner & a drink beforehand.

There will be a tribal bellydance performance by troupe Addrestone at 9pm, and we will award the prize for best mask at 10pm with audience participation.

There will be a photographer available for souvenier pictures for a moderate fee, as well as vendors selling art, jewelry, masks, wings, costume accessories, and tarot readings.

It's time to get your fairy party started, Tacoma.

PREFUNK: While you should all now be aware of the fantastical masquerade fun set to be had at Crescent Moon Gifts Saturday, what you may not realize is it's also the store's birthday. That's right. The idea owner Angela Wehnert says started with a table at the flea market on weekends and has blossomed into the Tacoma epicenter for all things fairy-like is celebrating six years of Fantasy, Myth & Magick this weekend.

So, don't just show up. Show up with a gift. Nothing goes farther in the world of Fantasy, Myth and Magick than a huge Costco sheet cake with bunches of balloons and a unicorn our two made out of frosting. Oh, and get a pack of those pointy party hats. Those are always fun.

That's' as good a way as any to prep for the first annual Magickal Masquerade.

See you next week.