TIKI LOGIC: Plogfest, Eddie Spaghetti and Michael ONeill

By Bobble Tiki on July 15, 2010


Getting sick in the summer is like getting hit with a sledgehammer only worse, because it's the sledgehammer Bobble Tiki lent his now sun-bathing neighbor five months ago ... and why didn't he return it to Bobble Tiki sooner ... and where is that Weedwacker Bobble Tiki lent him ages ago, asshole. Jeez.

Any – achoo! – way, Bobble Tiki finally posted his music column on the Volcano's website here. Bobble Tiki waxes Plogfest 2010, and the Eddie Spaghetti show at Hell's Kitchen.

Now Bobble Tiki has to finish this week's Concert Alert that he was forced to do after last week's prank during the "editorial meeting." Bobble Tiki secretly filled a bottle marked "suppositories" with white jellybeans. Bobble Tiki ate the jellybeans in front of the writing staff and we all had a good laugh. But then they stopped laughing when Bobble Tiki stuck them in his butt.

So, if discovering what concerts go on sale this week on a Thursday is important to you, you will be disappointed. Bobble Tiki is headed back to bed.