Team Weekly Volcano takes second at Tap into T-Town

By Steph DeRosa on May 2, 2010


Since its conception three years ago, the Tap into T-Town event benefiting Tacoma City Kid's Marathon has grown exponentially. With approximately 300 participants that made up 73 teams of four, this year's 2010 Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt was nothing less than a complete blast and an absolute success. 

As teams raced through downtown Tacoma yesterday, our very own Team Weekly Volcano - consisting of Jennifer Johnson, Kris Blondin, Bandito Betty, and myself ­set a quick pace from the start, snapping photos of specific landmarks and accomplishing tasks mandated through various clues.

A three-page (front and back) document was handed to each team upon check-in beginning at 3 p.m., and our Weekly Volcano team - which the office tagged "Bordeaux Patrol" - immediately began working on random Tacoma-oriented trivia questions.  As the clock hit 4 p.m., teams were allowed to begin the actual "race" to solve approximately 100 tasks which upon completion gave us anywhere from 10 to 100 points.  No cars were allowed, only busses, foot, and light rail.  Destinations ranged from Stadium Video to Harmon Brewery and everywhere in between.

Half of the tasks required a picture of each team doing said task, while the other half were actual items needed to have in the team's possession upon completion of the race at 8 p.m.  The object was not how you completed the tasks, but that you had proof you did. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Teams weren't shy about spending a few dollars here and there, nor about downing a shot of whiskey as it was "taking one for the team."  Extra points were given for team creativity, while bribing the judges with cupcakes and alcohol was widely accepted. 

Team costumes showed originality, and Team Weekly Volcano's three favorite team outfits were the female superheroes equipped with capes and all, Team TAGRO who donned fake poo atop white baseball caps (shitheads), and the best of all: Team Titlow Beach, which consisted of team members wearing low-hanging breasts and beach paraphernalia.

Team Weekly Volcano brought home massive prizes in the form of local gift certificates after placing second out of the 73 teams that competed.  We were exhausted, exhilarated, and extremely proud of how well we worked as a team.  We all had one of the best days of our lives at what we think is one of Tacoma's BEST annual events to attend. 

The winning team – which was nameless - consisted of Chelsea Levy, Ryan Mello, Katie Rose and John McDonald.

Just like Babe Ruth, I'm pointing to the grandstand and calling it right now:  Tap into T-Town 2011, Team Weekly Volcano takes home first place.  Period.

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