Loving the Tacoma Arts Commission

By weeklyvolcano on December 23, 2009


This just arrived at the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters. Christmas arrives early for 19 lucky arts organizations.

The Tacoma Arts Commission recently awarded $45,000 in 2010 Arts Projects funding to 19 different Tacoma organizations in support of public outreach projects in the fields of music, dance, film, theater, literary and visual arts. The awards range in value from $1,000 to $4,000 and serve a cross-section of Tacoma’s community.

“These art projects reflect the innovative, inclusive and eclectic community that is the heart of Tacoma. The diversity of the arts reflect the diversity of interests and experiences of our citizens and enhances our ability to express our Tacoma values and identity,” says Robin Echtle, 2010 Chair of the Tacoma Arts Commission.
The Arts Projects funding program supports high quality community projects with a strong focus on arts that are accessible and affordable to the public. Thirty-three Arts Projects applications were submitted to the Tacoma Arts Commission with requests totaling $133,640.

Funded projects include the production of a series of urban drama webisodes, publication of a first book of poetry, traditional Cambodian dance and urban hip-hop classes, a variety of music performances, theatrical productions, visual art instruction and exhibits, arts and cultural festivals and poetry readings.

Funded organizations include 6th Avenue Business District, Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Auricle LLC, D.A.S.H. Center for the Arts, Exquisite Disarray Publishing, Fulcrum Gallery, King's Books, Northwest Playwrights Alliance, Old Town Business and Professional Association, Proctor Farmers Market, Puget Sound Poetry Connection, Roosevelt Dancers, Second City Chamber Series, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Theatre Company, SoJust, Tacoma Art Place, Tacoma Concert Band, Tacoma Farmers Market and Tacoma Pierce County Sister Cities. Arts Projects is one of three funding programs administered by the Tacoma Arts Commission. For a complete listing of funding programs, publicly accessible funded projects and information about the Tacoma Arts Commission, visit www.tacomaculture.org.