Be a holiday helper

By weeklyvolcano on November 5, 2009

Bobble-avatar-forums Are you indecisive?  Do you find grocery shopping frustrating because of the number of options? Are you rich?  Do you wish you had less money simply because it would reduce your options in life?  Well, Bobble Tiki can help you, friend. Help you and help those who can’t afford to eat during the holiday season. 

The demand on the food bank system in Pierce County is up nearly 40 percent this year, according to Jeff Klein, development director for the Emergency Food Network in Lakewood. EFN is on pace to distribute 14 million pounds of food valued at $21 million in 2009.

“We supply food for 65 food banks and hot meal sites and do it with an overhead of less than 4 percent,” says Klein. “We’d love more community support for our efforts in terms of donation drives and food drives at local shows and events.”

Now there’s a rad idea. If you’re hosting a show or community event, consider adding a food drive or donating part of the profits to EFN. Give Klein and his crew a call at 253.584.1040.

Hope this has been helpful.